Now is the right time to invest in your holiday lifestyle


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May 13, 2024

"We can see that our long-distance travels may not happen in the same way as in the past so having a choice of lovely houses to go to in...

When we set out to create August, we wanted to help families own holiday homes in a way that made more sense. We understand homeownership is a long-term lifestyle decision so this investment should reflect how families envision to use their homes. Along with it are the perks of owning properties such as privacy, safety and the satisfaction that it's your own home, along with not having to renovate, design and maintain the homes.

The August way is to help families own holiday in homes without having to deal with the mind-bending stresses that typically come with buying and renovating traditional homes. However, now that August has homes that are holiday ready, the process of finding, buying, renovating the August homes for co-owners; is much shorter so you're able to holiday even sooner!

It just made sense when I came across August! Someone else to take care of the hassles of home maintenance so we can focus on the fun stuff, like meeting the locals and settling in. - Melita & Liam, City Collection

As such, many families are recognising the opportunity to better their lifestyle and have decided to take the leap to buy their dream homes in 2022. The unique August concept offers many families a better way to own holiday homes in high demand markets by increasing their purchasing power through a unique co-ownership model. This allows families to own multiple second homes in different destinations that are worth so much more than their initial purchase price.

By joining an August Collection, not only does your pound go even further as you multiply your buying power - by paying €210,000, you will have access to five homes worth €1.4M or invest in your holidays with €980,000 in a Single home thats worth 7.8 M.

With all of this and so much more, we provide a holiday-homeownership without the headaches, and deliver transparency with the renovations and design of your homes, making it suitable for you and your family Discover our French Alps chalet and the Signature Collection homes to see if the August homes are the right fit for you.

It's been difficult finding the perfect second home, until we came across August. Now we have five great homes that meet all our criteria!- Shawn and Bill, City Collection

Most will agree that finding the right homes that ticks all the boxes takes time, but it is also often difficult to understand the budget required to renovate your home unless you're an expert and it is usually until you start renovating that you realise what is really required. It often takes twice the time, and costs twice what you've predicted!

With property demand not slowing anytime soon, many families continue to seek out second homes as a getaway from their primary city residence to spend quality time together. It's also an opportunity to better their lifestyle. So why not finally make the move, after all, anything great takes time!

The confidence to get what you pay for without the unexpected

With August, you pay from €210,000 with a guarantee that five homes are purchased, designed, renovated and delivered within this cost. The first home renovations that are completed demonstrate a higher value that has been created on the homes than the renovation costs. This is the August commitment which is made possible by the extensive August resources and network, providing peace of mind for families without any unexpected overages.

To find out more about how you can own a Single home or an August collection, get in touch: or book a call to speak with the August team.