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If you are reading this it is probably because you love meaningful holidays, endless travel, beautiful homes and quality time with family and friends. We do too, and that’s exactly why we founded August.

One of the things that makes us particularly proud is seeing our owners enjoying their homes for the first time. We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from them, which reflects the energy, passion, and attention to detail we pour into every home we curate.

We understand the challenges and financial constraints that often come with owning and maintaining a holiday home, which is why we developed a transparent and straightforward ownership model.

Our goal is to make the experience of owning a second home as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible, which is how we became the pioneer of luxury co-ownership across Europe.

Our curated collections can take time to deliver because we care about every aspect of the process, from finding the perfect homes in the ideal locations to renovating and interior designing to meticulously high standards. We deliver excellence in everything we do and make sure that every home we create is the result of our true labour of love.

We are a global homeowner community that comes together to celebrate unique real estate. Our families make memories while enjoying the charming countryside of Provence, the picturesque beaches of the Mallorcan coast and the idyllic streets of Tuscany, sharing their experiences and recommendations as they go.

Everything we do is carefully considered, and our decision to remain independent allows us to ensure a personal touch is felt at every stage of the August journey. This means we can focus on the highest levels of quality for our homeowners and their residences.

That is what makes each Collection so special and that is no accident; they are, by design, unique thanks to the destinations, their interiors and the families that inhabit them.

As an exclusive lifestyle network, we only launch a select few Collections each year, which means we carefully curate an ever-growing waitlist of like-minded families who aspire to join the August community.

Families are invited to join following a thorough vetting process (on both sides!) to ensure homeowners align with the August values and vision. Since we founded August, we have had the pleasure of sourcing and renovating many special homes all over Europe, helping hundreds of families to realize their dream of owning a second home.

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