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The August Way

August are experts at locating, buying, refurbishing and managing properties all around Europe. We provide a consistently high standard of quality across all our collections and properties.

Image of a villa in Europe


We make sure all homes are welcoming, family friendly, feature bespoke and with stylish timeless interiors.


Your homes are at the heart of everything we do, and are carefully handpicked to meet your high expectations. We look at flight connections as well as flight times when choosing destinations and how easy it is to get to your destinations. The properties are acquired in locations which are attractive all year round. We have built up extensive knowledge of all our destinations, so we know exactly where the best homes are going to be located. We know what things are going to cost and how to get the best deal.


We buy homes exclusively in traditional and sought-after destinations.


From years of building up a vast network of relationships and connections in our regions, we also have the advantage of getting first dibs on not-on-the-market real estate from our partners. This provides us with a unique opportunity to find some of the best unique properties in each region for our families.


We have an ethos that combines function and beauty. We endeavour to be sympathetic to the local area, retaining the charm and authenticity of the homes while bringing in modern touches to make your life as comfortable as possible.


Our founders started the successful online interior design platform in the UK, Homewings. Along with our expert interior design team, there is vast experience creating beautiful spaces for over 10,000 homes across Europe, hotels and luxury stores.

All properties are interior designed by experts. Together with our partners, we make sure every August home feels comfortable, attractive and instils the same cosy atmosphere as your own home.

Floor plan image
Floor plan image
Interior design item
European dining place
Hexegonal floor tiles
European bathroom with mirror
Image of stylish chair in bedroom
Styelish European bedroom
Weaved baskets
 European door


Together with our partners we have more than 30 years of experience in building, renovating, designing and restoring homes in the South of Europe.


We don't just buy properties for you - we create the perfect holiday homes for you. We focus on properties with a lot of potential and renovate to our standards.

We have garnered a lot of experience in refurbishment, as it is unusual that we can find a home that is 100% in order - often creating that perfect home ourselves. Great respect and love for original details and material choices are also essential in order to create beautiful homes with the right atmosphere.

Tuscany living room

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Every August home showcases unique architecture, superior craftsmanship, and curated design. Explore these breathtaking living spaces, reflecting a blend of comfort, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

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