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May 13, 2024

August's main purpose is to support families owning their dream holiday homes in a way that made more sense to them, as we understand homeownership is a long-term lifestyle decision for many of you so discover why more families are turning to August to help with the homeownership

As the new year is now with us, many of us are looking forward to a year of travelling and spending time with families and friends. Our August families saw great value in investing in their future holidays by joining August collections, where they're able to come and go to their own five-holiday homes across Europe.

Finding the perfect home is a long term commitment, and the homeownership journey can be complicated, but for those who have discovered August, owning homes is more straightforward and makes so much sense. We take pride in assisting families who long for practical holiday homes. So that you don't have to deal with the headaches that typically come with this traditional ownership, here, you can co-own five-holiday homes at a fraction of the price.

All while being able to holiday hassle-free, conveniently, and accessible all year round; never limiting you and your families' making memories.

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Discover why now is the perfect time to invest in your family's lifestyle...

Holiday ready homes in 2022

Our firm mission is to help families create these homes without the mind-bending stress that typically comes with buying and refurbishing holiday homes. However, the process of finding five potential August homes and renovating them to high standards takes time - to which you should expect 12 months for all properties to be ready for use. This is why our August families see great value in joining the current Signature and City Collections to escape to in 2022!

"Comfortable maintenance-free living, where we don't have to do anything"
Matt, Signaure Collection co-owner

Demand for second homes continues to surge

With demand skyrocketing and supply staying level, there has been a significant uptick in median sale prices in the ten counties identified by Redfin as the most heated housing markets, with year-over-year increases ranging from 7% to 33%. Homes in those countries sold for as much as 57% over the listing price. Rightmove also reported a 60% increase in searches for second homes in 2021. As such, many families recognise the opportunity to better their lifestyle and have decided to take the leap to buy their dream homes in 2021.

Experts also expect prices in sought after markets for second homes to continue to rise as soon as people can start arranging viewing trips. As the demands increase, individual buying power begins to be squeezed, making it tougher to enter the second home market, especially within their initial budget.

The unique August concept offers many families a better way to own holiday homes in high demand markets by increasing their purchasing power through a unique co-ownership model. This allows families to own multiple second homes in different destinations worth so much more than their initial purchase price.

By joining an August collection, not only does your pound go even further as you multiply your buying power - with €355,000, you will have access to five homes worth €1.4M. You're also in the hands of professionals who ensure to get the best deals than any untrained buyers when it comes to searching, acquiring, and renovating your holiday homes. 

Discover the August Collections below

The Signature Collection

€355,000 first 9 owners | €365,000 remaining 12 owners

The Signature Collection is a collection loved by all, perfect for those large groups of families and friends. Sharing ownership with 20 other families, you will co-own unique homes full of charm and authenticity; combined with modernity, comfort and practicality. This collection features five properties located in highly- sought after destinations within Europe, including South of France, Chamonix, Tuscany, Mallorca and the Cotswolds.

If you're one for travelling hassle-free, treasure spending quality time together, and value having a private, ample space, this collection would be well suited for you, as it offers a minimum of 3 bedrooms accommodating up t0 10 guest.

As part of your August journey, we make sure to guide you with committing to an August Collection, providing transparency from property acquisition to following the renovation process.This is made possible as we have an extensive network of resources, providing a peace of mind for many of you. The homes will be fully renovated, beautifully designed and ready for you to holiday in by Summer 2022.

Take a look at some of the Signature Collection homes featured below, in Valbonne and Chamonix.

A stone throw from Valbonne

A private and tranquil home away from home

We design the homes with serenity and relaxation in mind. Ensuring the home flows throughout; delivering the essence of outdoor and indoor living providing comfort and practicality.

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The City Collection

€210,000 first 9 owners | €220,000 remaining 12 owners

The City Collection comprises unique apartments, townhouses, and villas, perfect for those who value the ease of convenience and share a passion for travel and flexibility. For many of you, international/European travelling fits within your lifestyle, so this collection is suitable for those who like to come back and forth to the five cities, allowing you to discover each destination throughout the year.

This collection features up to five beautifully designed properties accommodating 4-6 guests with  2-3 bedrooms. Overall the collection is shared with 20 other families, and you will co-own unique, charming and centrally located properties full of character and traditional features, all located within Europe, on the French Riviera, Chamonix, Tuscany, Mallorca, and Barcelona.

Take a look at some of the newly acquired properties in Cannes and Barcelona, which will undergo renovation very soon.

A city apartment for the city wanderer

One of five properties, this apartment is nestled in the city centre of Cannes, ideally located to nearby restaurants, amenities and only a few minutes from the Mediterranean sea.

Barcelona balcony views

This apartment is located within an elegant district of this beautiful city, providing city sights within reach. Expect to see the apartment boasting with original Barcelona architecture and influences from the city.

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The City Collection is made possible by our extensive network of resources, which gives many of you peace of mind. With only a few shares left to join this collection and the properties ready for use for Summer 2022, get in touch by booking a call or email us You can also find out more by joining our next August introduction webinar.