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Experts in design and delivery of your dream homes.

As an August homeowner, you will experience immpecable design and modern functionality across all of your homes, seamlessly created to be aligned to the local community in which you live.  

Our expert team understands the importance of creating a space that captures the spirit of the region, whether the Alps, the rolling hills of Tuscany or the French Riviera, you’ll feel at home wherever you are.  

While we prioritize style and elegance, we also know the significance of comfort and functionality. We take great care to consider your enjoyment while adding a touch of sophistication that will surprise and delight you each time you arrive. Spaces are carefully curated with antiques, artwork and feature pieces to ensure there is something new to discover each time you arrive home.  

We go beyond simply purchasing properties; we utilize our extensive expertise to renovate and elevate each home to our exceptional standards. Our aim is not only to create the perfect holiday home but also a perfect homely space to create memories for years to come.  

Our homes are all within ‘Collections’ of four or five—ranging from Pied-a-Terre through to Signature, Premium and Prime—each curated to be perfectly tailored to different lifestyle needs.


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