From Tuscany’s Famed Quarries to our Iconic Interiors

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July 16, 2024

Perched between the Apuan Alps and the Mediterranean Sea is the quintessential Italian town of Pietrasanta – its endless alleyways and zesty piazzas a celebrated home of sculpture, art and craftsmanship. 

Here, just below the centuries-old quarries that shape the mountainsides, is where Carrara marble becomes a masterpiece. This is also where our iconic interiors receive the archetypal Tuscan touch.

Connecting with August Artisans

“For years, we have fostered a close bond with the skilled artisans of Pietrasanta and wider Tuscany,” says Nicolai Watzenig, August Executive Chairman. By connecting with local artisans and contractors, it can add an iconic and even more memorable finish to the interior design of our restored properties. “Either in the form of bespoke pieces or existing elements we find across the region,” continues Nicolai.

For example, in our Tuscany Signature Collection property, we present a beautiful marble kitchen countertop, finely crafted with Carrara marble that has been carefully sourced by local contractors. “These table tops or pieces of furniture we then restore and bring back to their original state.” And there are many more ways that this timeless material can be incorporated into an interior design scheme for a modern and premium finish.

Capturing a monumental story

Since the days of Ancient Rome, Carrara has been one of the world’s most fertile sources of marble. The mountains here have been worked into wonders including Michelangelo’s David, Rome’s Pantheon, the Peace Monument in Washington D.C. and London’s Marble Arch. 

Now, local artisans are reworking this storied stone into bespoke pieces that imbue our home interiors with an unmistakable Italian verve.

Preserving local craftsmanship

Local craftspeople are an extension of the August community. We nurture relationships with carefully chosen artisans in each of our regions, collaborating with them to capture the unique heritage of the places we call ‘home’. 

For our Tuscan Collection, we worked with a local stonemason’s studio – inherited by generations of the same family. This small team translates decades of marble-craft into one-of-a-kind Carrara centrepieces that reflect the region’s traditions. 

By keeping production local – the marble travels no more than an hour between the quarries, the stonemason’s workshop and our homes – we lessen our environmental footprint and enhance the local economy. But there is more to it than that.

Carrara marble lining the kitchen counters of the Premium Collection Tuscan home

Honouring a home’s rich history

When we consider buildings to transform into an August home, we look for nuances that portray the distinctive architectural character of a region. An 18th-century Tuscan farmhouse is very different from a 20th-century Milan townhouse, for example. We seek out the bones of a beautiful, traditional building with whispers of authenticity that we can amplify through sensitive renovation.

In working with artisans and craftspeople who understand the local architectural vernacular, we consciously preserve the long-lived traditions and visual language of the regions. This is what makes our homes so special – they tell the deep story of a place whilst evolving to complement modern lifestyles.    

Carrara marble providing the perfect dining space in the Premium Collection Tuscan home

Bringing history and modernity together

Our spacious Tuscan farmhouse, nestled above Montecatini Terme, has such a story written in its details. In the entrance hall, a richly patinated, antique console – topped with a luxurious slab of grey Carrara marble – nods to the home’s heritage. In the kitchen, the countertops and central table are hallmarked with the same softly veined stone. Look closely at the sink, and you’ll find that it is made from a single, seamless piece of marble that has been hand-shaped by chisel. This is more sculpture than worktop. 

These beautiful, original furnishings were inherited when we acquired the home – heirlooms that chronicle a dying art – and we commissioned elements to echo their authenticity. The showpiece of this elegant Terme Collection home is the bespoke master bathroom vanity unit, which pulls focus to a panoramic view of the very mountains from which it was made.

Further nurturing our relationship with these local stonesmiths, we are working with them to develop a limited edition range of handcrafted objects and vessels for our upcoming Villa Valeria Collection. Through original features, bespoke showpieces and curated touches, we invite August homeowners to discover the stories of their homes and pass them down through the generations. 

An antique console topped with a luxurious slab of grey Carrara marble
The primary bathroom vanity unit that overlooks panoramic views of the mountains from which it was made

Step inside our other August homes to discover the touches that make each one unique, and book a call with an expert Advisor to take the first step toward unlocking your European dream.


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