Why it makes sense to buy with August

The sharing economy recognises that it doesn’t make sense to own 100% of an asset when only using it 10% of the time. Why own one villa when you can own a share in five for less? August offers greater affordability, less hassle and more freedom of choice than any sole holiday home ownership.

Best lifestyle decision

To many, holiday homes conjure the idea of costly investments, fraught with many time-consuming obligations. However, joining an August collection provides you with access to five wonderful villas in the most sought after locations in Europe at a fraction of the cost of second home ownership, and free from the irritations of running and maintaining a property.

Much more for your money

Significantly lower cost than buying a comparable property. By investing 325,000€ you become a part owner of 5 properties worth over 6,500,000€.

Make your friends and family happy

By inviting them along on your holidays at no extra cost, they also get access to 5 unique locations and endless experiences.

No Mortgage

Every property is bought outright, and there is therefore no mortgage involved. This makes it safer for all co-owners involved.

Multiple destinations

You are not limited to one location or holiday home. You own and have access to five international locations at your fingertips.

Many more experiences

August handles everything for a simple fee so that you can focus on being on holidays.

Convenient booking system

We have developed a convenient booking system that benefits both long term and short term planners so that everyone can get their preferred weeks.

You, on your own


If you purchase a property, and invest 215,000€, you will hopefully get one property that is equal to a value of 215,000€.

Together with August






If you contribute 215,000€ in an August collection, you become the owner of five properties, each four times the value of your initial contribution.

— (21 families x 215,000€) / 5 properties = 903,000€ —

You, on your own


If you purchase a property, and invest 325,000€, you will hopefully get one property that is equal to a value of 325,000€.

Together with August






If you contribute 325,000€ in an August collection, you become the owner of five properties, each four times the value of your initial contribution.

— (21 families x 325,000€) / 5 properties = 1,365,000€ —

All the services you need for a perfect holiday

Included services

Going on holiday needs to be as convenient, simple and easy as staying in a hotel. With August we take care of preparing the home to hotel-like standards. The beds are done, fresh towels are folded, the garden will be perfectly maintained, and the pool will be clean. Your fee covers small renovations, so we can keep all houses in perfect condition. You'll therefore never find a damaged home or leaking bathroom.

Add-on services

From taking care of the kids to having your first meal ready, we understand that we all have different needs. We want to make sure we can provide everything that you need to have a seamless and carefree holiday experience. This is why we also provide an additional services menu that you can choose from: nanny service, cook, extra cleaning and ironing, grocery shopping before you arrive, activity booking (restaurants, sports), airport transfer.

Some of our add-on services

Prepared meals
by local chef

All your
shopping needs




The most convenient way to buy and own holiday homes abroad

Easiest solution to buying a home abroad

Buying a property abroad can be risky and time consuming - from purchasing to renovating and maintaining. Let experts take care of everything!

We know the areas inside out

We work with strong local networks to always ensure we buy the properties in the best locations that you will love, while also being a sound investment.

Beautifully furnished properties

All properties are interior designed by experts - together with our partners, we make sure every August home feels comfortable and attractive, yet homely.

Smart buys

By perfectly understanding the markets, our international team of professionals will always be able to get a better deal than the untrained buyer.

Developing the properties

We don't just buy properties for you - we create the perfect holiday homes for you. We focus on properties with a lot of potential and renovate to our standards.

One fixed fee each month and August takes care of everything

From maintaining your homes to ensuring constant quality standards to dealing with and paying local taxes, we handle everything.

Getting your perfect holiday home abroad couldn't be more stress-free

For us - the unique thing about August is that we get access to 5 homes all over Europe in remarkable locations for the same price as a normal holiday home in the UK.
Peter and Lucy, Manchester

I want to learn more about August

August is always here to welcome new owners and talk them through the details. You can get in touch, meet us for coffee, attend one of our information meetings or simply order a brochure.

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