August Families

We're always here to welcome new co-owners who are like-minded from all around the world. Meet some of the our families today and discover why owning holiday homes with August made sense for them.

The August model allows flexibility as our family grows. We went ahead with the Signature Collection because we want to share them with our friends and family. With two teenage girls, it's important there's enough space for them to do their own thing.

Yvonne, Aerin and Kiki

The reality of the house surpassed expectations and it delivers exactly what August promised – and more!

Fiona and David

Living in the US, August makes owning homes in Europe very easy and possible. It still allows us to continue with our lives in America and we can visit whenever we want.

Nancy and Mike

The idea of the hands-off approach is what we like about the sharing economy. You get the sense of excitement of returning to familiar places and experiencing "home" in different countries!

Jazmin and Andy

The design aesthetic of August homes really appealed to us, and we appreciate August renovates the homes ensuring the process is hassle-free. We also like the combination of traditional and contemporary design that is sympathetic to the home.

Jesper and Hywel

It made sense that if we went ahead with a collection, it would have to fit the way we travel. The Family Collection of homes are perfect, conveniently located closer to the cafes, shops and culture we love to discover! The smaller size fits the two of us or a small group but it's fantastic to have larger collections to consider in the future

Tara and Pradeep

Ever since Emily and Jack were young, we’ve gone back and forth with the idea of buying a house abroad. We see August as a platform to help us be more organised with our family holidays. So far what August has promised, they've delivered!

Lucy and Jonathan

We really appreciate that August has taken the time to ensure luxurious and functional interiors. It's great that they can deal with all the things we don't want to deal with, and we both agree that the August homes, interiors and locations are all tick, tick, tick!!!

Shireen and Emmanuel

I want to learn more about August

August is always here to welcome new owners and talk them through the details. You can get in touch, meet us for coffee, attend one of our information meetings or simply order a brochure.