Cannes home - Through the lens of an August co-owner


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May 13, 2024

Co-owner discoveries, read more to find what their stays has been like so far

Discover Andy's stay,

At August our co-owners are the getaway experts. It’s something we all have in common- we love to travel, to jet off to somewhere that's different from our everyday life. We love to immerse ourselves in other cultures and discover the endless possibilities in each destination. We take pride in knowing that you can switch off and escape to your home away from home, which makes it all worth it for us.

We met with Andy, Jazmin and Nico last year, as they joined the City Collection for many reasons; one of them being the value of convenience. This collection includes, homes in popular metropolitan locations, enabling them to be in the heart of the action also using the home as a place of comfort.

The renovation of the City Collection apartment in Cannes was recently completed. If you've been following along, you'll know that it was once outdated and now it is a modern living space, suitable for all types of holidays. Since they joined August, they have been looking forward to staying in their home. Being a globe- trotting family in the City Collection suited their travel and holiday needs.

At August we design and reconfigure homes to suit a range of families in the Collection, We make sure the home flows spaces naturally, providing a range of spaces where you can host six people on the balcony or sunbathe all day. Andy spent his evenings retreating to the balcony with a glass of red wine, paired with beautiful views of the sun setting. It's great to see our co-owners enjoying through the small things they've been looking forward to.

Andy and his son Nico, both avid sportsmen, have spent their mornings playing tennis at the Montfleury Tennis Club. The tennis courts are surrounded by lush grounds and are only a short walk from their apartment. Imagine waking up in your own home and walking down to the tennis courts to play amongst professional athletes and coaches. Since Andy has discovered a favourite tennis spot, we've personally added the recommendation to the August Recommends guides so that his fellow co-owners can also enjoy the best of racquet sports just minutes from their home.

"We absolutely adore it here; Cannes fulfils all of our expectations as a City Collection destination."

Valeria, the Collection Manager, gave Andy and his family some suggestions for things to do in Cannes, especially now that the Film Festival is underway, A recommendation was to go to the beach and watch a movie! We're overjoyed to see our co-owners enjoying the recommendations we've provided for them.