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August families

Jazmin and Andy

Andy and his family live all around the world, now August is on their journey with them

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The idea of the hands-off approach is what we like about the sharing economy. You get the sense of excitement of returning to familiar places and experiencing "home" in different countries!

The August City Collection is popular for those that value convenience including Jazmin, Andy and Nico. This collection includes homes in popular metropolitan locations, providing families with places to be in the heart of the action while also using the home as a place of comfort. Jazmin, Andy and Nico travel all over the world and have second homes in Europe with travel playing a big part of their family's lifestyle.

They joined August to make the most of the time they have available throughout the year and the different locations. They are excited to experience how the homes and locations will work with them, rather than against them.

Meet this August family below:

Globe-trotters Jazmin, Andy and Nico add five more European destinations to their holiday list

We know you have a few homes in Europe, and the sharing economy concept is something you have incorporated into your lives. Now you have five extra homes with August to support your lifestyle, are there certain homes you'll be spending more time in?

Yes, we have a few homes around in Europe. When we moved to Portugal from the US, (Jazmin, is Mexican and I'm originally from the UK), we were looking at homes in certain European areas, and we realised August had many of the locations we loved in the Family Collection, which we thought was pretty funny because we were looking in the areas of Barcelona, South of France, Chamonix. We also love Lucca, it's definitely the nicest place in Italy and super underrated! We are currently living in the southwest of Portugal, just off the Algarve; however, we previously resided in Cascais, just outside of Lisbon, and we frequently travel to France.

With the flexibility of living in multiple places, how do you find the time to juggle your work and family balance?

We homeschool our son, Nico while we travel around the world; he learns wherever we go, and homeschooling allows us to stay busy in addition to our general work in real estate. My background is in aviation so we were able to incorporate travel into our lives. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to show Nico the world. The homes you have in the collection fit the criteria we prefer, there are all surrounded by nature and located within central but natural settings, and Europe provides all of this and more.

You mention you're familiar with the co-ownership concept, and after meeting August, you realised we were the best fit for your family's lifestyle. What compelled you to take the flight and join August?

The concept of co-owning homes is something we're very familiar with, including Timeshare, but it usually has a negative connotation due to potential scams and the high-end timeshares offer. They don't provide any transparency and the unneeded cost of what you're purchasing never adds up. August, on the other hand, is all the best bits of Timeshare minus all the negatives. Everything is taken care of and the fact that August doesn't own the properties means the risk is removed, the property shares are realistic and it just makes sense.

We prefer the hands-off approach and are excited to have access to the homes. We can experience the specific locations throughout the year and the idea of having five distinct properties that are all ours is what we like about the sharing economy.

You get the sense of excitement of returning home and experiencing "home" in different countries without the hassle of having to look after them.

You actually bought two shares of the City Collection; what motivated you to purchase extra time?

Naturally, we had a lot of questions before joining August, and it was reassuring to know that there is a big sense of community. We were able to speak with other co-owners and it's great to know we're a part of a group with very similar values, lifestyles and interests, so having feedback and testimonials was invaluable.

It was a no-brainer for us to join August and having two shares allows us to have more time; having up to 34 weeks + to plan stays and spend time getting to know the homes and areas was a motivator for us. However, we like the idea of last-minute stays, with Nico being homeschooled, we have the flexibility and it means we can just pack a bag or two and head to a home for the weekend (or try to settle in if there's booking availability).

What are you looking forward to most with what the homes offer and the locations?

We can't wait to see the homes and spend quality time there because they're in convenient locations that we know and love. We mostly travel outside of the school schedule, so this gives us the extra time to use the homes throughout the seasons. We're very excited about the prospect of spending the summer in Chamonix, hiking and getting to know the area like locals.

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