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July 11, 2024

When we started August, our aim was to have you and your family at the heart of everything. With this still firmly our mission, we move...

When we started August, our aim was to have you and your family at the heart of everything. With this still firmly our mission, we move even closer to welcoming families with the completion of our first two homes in France around the corner. We continue to help families own beautiful holiday homes across multiple stunning locations without the hassle of holiday home ownership especially when it comes to renovations. So whilst renovating homes can tend to be a burden for many, transforming properties the August way is just the beginning of your August Collection experience and very much our apart of what we do.

With over 15 years of leading luxury interior design teams and projects, Leah from our design team talks about how properties become August homes.

"From the accessibility and location of the homes, the design and furnishing of the spaces, down to the experience and feel your holiday homes should envoke. It's important that we apply our August principles when we design your holiday homes because owning an August collection should feel like an extension of your own living space." says Leah who continues to explain, "Your homes are at the heart of everything we do, so the least we can do is ensure every last detail is considered to meet your high expectations from the moment you think of booking a holiday to arriving and settling in. There are numerous things we consider that transforms any property into August homes, they include the following below."

Carefully selected and hand-picked holiday homes

All homes are unique and are carefully hand-picked with our extensive knowledge of the best destinations combined with our experience in renovations and design to create the perfect homes for you. With our market knowledge, we know exactly where the best homes are going to be located (and where they won’t be), we know what things are going to cost and how we get the best deal.

Homes with character

Great respect and love for original details and material choices are also essential in order to create beautiful homes with the right atmosphere. So all your August homes are charming and have instilled characteristics of the location. When we view properties for potential August homes, we always have a designer from the team. It's important to have design input from the very beginning because each home is one of a kind. It's the August way to design and treat each home separately, giving it the time and love they deserve, elevating the original charm and features so that we can allow the homes to be the hero.

Comfortable living with high-quality designer furniture

Being apart of the August collection means access to best in class designer furniture and fittings. We ensure that the furnishing stands the test of time so the quality of our interior design is of a high standard. Your homes are comfortably confident, so much so that it's a delight for you enjoy and proud to call it your own. This makes the design process such a joy for us because we design based on what we would be happy to live with ourselves. Be sure keep an eye out for the special designer pieces that feature throughout the August homes.

The art of design takes time to cultivate

There are over 600 items of carefully selected furnishings, from your exceptionally comfy bed, tables big enough to entertain, down to the soft furnishings such as the accent cushions that complement the many couches and hand made outdoor lighting fixtures. The design team carefully hand-select each item so that they are well-considered and ensure it looks and feels like a home you will be proud of. You can only imagine the amount of effort it takes to ensure each item for each room is thought-through and curated with you in mind. We make sure everything works together from the colours, shade, size and textures to allow for that comfortable holiday feeling.

What to know more about the design of our homes? Speak to us to find out more and request a property brochure.


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