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Yvonne, Aerin and Kiki

August is an attractive lifestyle choice for this ex-pat family, Yvonne, Aerin and Kiki

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The August model allows flexibility as our family grows. We went ahead with the Signature Collection because we want to share them with our friends and family. With two teenage girls, it's important there's enough space for them to do their own thing.

No matter where you are in the world, owning property (whether it's your main home or second home) allows you the opportunity to create ties with a place. Some might even call it their base that is familiar, where they can grow roots, or somewhere they can continue to go back to. It is this very reason many families find the August offer attractive. Not only are there homes available to own across multiple European destinations, but it also gives a hassle-free aspect. This allows families such as Yvonne and her two daughters (London-based American ex-pats) to confidently join August without worry.

Read more about how they discovered August and how it fits their ex-pat lifestyle.

Yvonne, and teenage daughters Aerin and Kiki, American ex-pats from South-West London, find August the perfect excuse for more holiday in Europe!

"We're a close family and have fallen in love with Europe. I was first transferred to London from San Francisco for work as the Global HR Director for a technology company about 8 years ago and my girls came with me but we've moved around a bit living the ex-pat life. We were also in Amsterdam for a few years but have since come back to London. My girls and I love it and they have pretty much grown up in Europe so it really is home for us now.

Being from the States, everything is so far away. It's great here in Europe where everything is so close yet rich with different cultures. In London, we're just over an hour on a plane to any of the main European cities, especially to the August home destinations. It will take us longer to travel to the airport than we're actually on a flight, so we're really looking forward to being able to just pop over to our August homes and really get to know the different locations.

Luckily for us, we've been to all of the five August home locations so we pretty much know what we're in for but I must say, I couldn't have picked the places better myself. All five destinations are just perfect and so wonderful. Very easy to get to and there is so much to see no matter the time of year!

In fact, we've been thinking about a second home in Europe for a while, The Cotswolds was high up on my list but my girls loved the idea of having homes in multiple locations.

I'm  most looking forward to Chamonix in the warmer season as I love nature and hiking. The girls will probably enjoy Provence or Mallorca more, being by the pool and beaches. In fact, we've been thinking about a second home in Europe for a while. The Cotswolds was high up on my list and I've always talked about it with the girls. I just love the little villages and the countryside, but it was the girls who weren't 100% about it. They would suggest warmer places like Southern Europe, Italy, Spain, France, so when I finally came across August, it didn't take much convincing for the girls. They were in!

Before joining, I did a lot of research after first discovering August. I looked into holiday home clubs and felt the co-ownership model totally made sense. We already own something similar in California, a property within a resort that generates income that is not timeshare but not quite the same as August. I like the sharing economy, it's not wasteful, especially in this today’s world and you get to enjoy the best parts, as well as actually owning it. On an investment level, the price is accessible compared to others for what you get and it's really clever how August has worked out the number of 21 families/shares.

Another thing that caught my attention is how August seems to focus on design quality which is refreshing.

While I’m no expert, I have a keen interest in interior design. The way the August homes are furnished and finished are exactly as I like it. The design sensibility is beautiful, simple and understated yet it seems comfortable and considered so it feels like a real home. It's very well-thought-through, and you can just relax and enjoy your surroundings.

We love to travel and while we don't mind hotels, we like to hire out homes so that we can have bigger groups/more space. We've tried Airbnbs a few times but it's not quite the same. At times, you don't really get what the listing/photos show and it always feels like someone else's home, like you're in their space, because I suppose, you are!

We can't wait to visit our August homes and get to know the areas. We'll be more than happy to share our experiences and recommendations with the other families.

The girls have been invited by friends to go on family holidays in the past and we can't wait for them to reciprocate. We also have a lot of family in the States. We didn't get to see them last year due to the pandemic so we hope they can visit us in Europe. We'll have to give them enough notice and book our homes in advance. Hopefully, it will be as soon as we can all travel again."

Discover more about other August families and why they chose to own second homes with August by booking a call to speak to us or send us an email at info@augustcollection.co.uk.

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