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Carol and Kevin

A toss-up between a boat and a holiday home led to the perfect match of August

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We made the decision to become August Homeowners after exploring Europe in search of a boat. Surprisingly, instead of finding a boat, we discovered August.

Why did you choose Premium Collection?

We have three adult sons and eight grandchildren, so we decided to invest in the Premium Collection to create the perfect space for our large family and close friends. We both have a deep love for everything related to water, and the ocean holds a special place in our hearts. You'll often find us attending boat shows or spending time at marinas, regardless of the location. Throughout our lives, we've been avid travellers, always seeking out adventurous experiences during our holidays. However, nowadays, we prefer to take a step back and fully immerse ourselves in the surroundings, wherever we happen to be. 

What has been your favourite thing about being an August Homeowner? 

For us, it’s the ability to feel like a local and always arrive at ‘home’. The locations and the actual homes have a very authentic vibe. In Tuscany, we were tempted to stay in the home the whole time because it felt like our piece of the region. 

Do you have a favourite home in your Collection? 

At this point, we’ve just returned from Tuscany which was a total dream. But ask us again once we’ve completed our tour of the homes over the next few months. 

Before joining August, did you have any initial reservations? 

It’s a big investment to undertake from the other side of the world, so naturally, we had a lot of questions and wanted to make sure it was right for us. 

Why would you recommend August? 

It makes travelling to Europe accessible for us as we’re from the other side of the world! We love to have a base when we’re travelling and the homes provide us with an excellent place to start our travels and explore the areas.  

What’s been your most memorable August moment? 

Our most memorable August moment to date would have to be finding our way along the narrow sometimes steep roads to find the beautiful Tuscan home which we thoroughly enjoyed for our very first week, a very memorable moment for us! 

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