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Tamara and Chris

August Friends: Discover how Chris and Tamara found out about August from their friends in Signature Collection

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Chris and Tamara were one of the first people joining our latest Collection, Pied à Terre.

They are an Australian family of 4 with an adult son and daughter, as well as two lovable rescue cats. They are an adventurous family and have travelled all over the world, enjoying skiing, biking, hiking, kayaking, and taking in local culture, arts, and history. Chris motorraces in historic touring cars, in both Australia and the USA and he is hoping to start racing in Europe. In having European bases, they hope to make the most out of their time in between races. Tamara loves art and design, photography, literature and is currently working on her first novel.

How did you find out about August?

We found August through mutual friends during a holiday, in their beach house in Saint Barts Island. Our friends have recently joined the City Collection. We had been looking for a second home overseas for a while, with no success, and we loved the collection’s diversity and flexibility. It would also give us the opportunity to build capital, making more financial sense, which we wouldn’t get from a timeshare. Initially we were thinking of buying an apartment in New York, but then covid hit and we didn’t buy there in the end. We do not plan to spend that much time in the US as we’ve seen most of the things that interest us. We also looked at high rise apartment, in Canary Wharf, in London, but during that time we found out about August and thought it afforded a better holiday lifestyle.

Why Pied à Terre Collection?

We absolutely love the city locations. We have visited all the destinations but Cannes, so we are excited to explore all the new, as well as already familiar areas. The idea of having multiple European bases rather than one was attractive and well suited. We now have the time to slow down when travelling to a more relaxed pace and want to feel a part of the communities. We look forward to being able to read a book while drinking coffee in a favourite café, grabbing food from the markets, exploring local shops, laneways, parks, etc. Taking day trips and exploring the greater areas. We enjoy cooking, entertaining and spending time at home, and look forward to sharing the August experience with friends and family that would like to join us on our stays.

When are you looking to travel?

We are looking to travel during the winter and early autumn months. We normally ski in Aspen

in January. The plan is to head to Europe from Aspen and then back to Australia. Our children have moved out and are grown, so we don’t have to worry about trying to fit travel into the school holidays. We prefer to travel during the off seasons. We will travel with our friends who referred us to August. We can visit each other’s properties expanding our experiences, which is really exciting.

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