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August families

Stewart and Jan

After years of living abroad, Stewart and Jan find comfort in the consistency of their August homes.

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You really feel that it’s your place. You feel you’ll be back time and time again, that you can go to the same restaurants again and do the same walks. Or indeed do the things that you've perhaps missed on that trip.

Why Signature Collection?

Signature Collection, we felt best fits our use case which is a combination of just Jan and I there, as a "honey pot” location to attract our two grown up boys, and finally inviting other families to join us. Three or four bedrooms works for this. We may step up to Premium in the future but we think right now that a good chunk of the properties would be ’surplus to our requirements’.

Which location are you most looking forward to?

We are really looking forward to visiting Tuscany as it’s the area we know least well. One of the big benefits we find with our own ‘return-to’ places is that you can explore each area at a leisurely pace, knowing that you’ll be back!

When are you looking to travel?

Being semi-retired, we are totally flexible so will probably choose the less busy and popular time windows if possible. We tend to take a longer trip every year (typically a month long) and we also visit St. Barths every Spring… So we will slot the August properties into this cycle. 

What do you most like to do on your holidays?

We like to get a balance of relaxing at home and exploring the area, like many people I guess. We are wine lovers so vineyards are often on the agenda, as are nice restaurants, nice drives with views…not to forget clubs: we love Nikki Beach! 

What was your most memorable moment from your recent stay in your Mallorca home?

Mallorca is a much more beautiful island than I remembered. Travelling around was great. The most memorable trip was up the MA-10 along the mountainous coastal road to Sóller, it was great. In the house itself we had many great nights with the boys in the courtyard - mood lighting on, barbecue fired up and listening to A$AP Rocky and Tupac on Spotify.

Would you recommend August to friends and family?

Yes, I would…if it suits them. We have friends who want to spend ‘months at a time’ in the sun; that does fit the August model. Equally, it’s not right for those looking for purely an investment opportunity nor those looking for specific vacation windows every year. It fits ideally to friends who, like us, do not fancy a holiday home in a single location, do not want the "upkeep effort vs limited use" dilemma and are looking for thoughtfully designed vacation properties.  

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