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May 13, 2024

At August we don't just provide holiday homes at a fraction of the price, we go beyond, finding your dream homes for you and your families.

At August we don't just provide holiday homes at a fraction of the price, we go beyond, finding your dream homes for you and your families. One of the many things we take off your shoulders is the renovation and interior design process, as we know it can be time-consuming with acquiring, renovating all while making it yours. Here we find unique properties that are jewels in the rough and transform them into the perfect August home, where you’ll be welcomed by the tranquil living space.

The August homes are all carefully selected and beautifully designed, where you'll find the perfect combination of authenticity and modernity within the homes, bringing authentic features to life and adds a whole new life to the homes. At August we find the locations often influence the interior, therefore we make sure the home is a natural extension of the surrounding culture.

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The purpose of an August home

At August, we know it's important that the homes should feel like you're "home", being welcomed by warmth, style and are all designed to stand the test of time. We partner with experts, in order to get the most out of your homes. We've verified thousands of suppliers to create a wide, global network of dependable vendors, designers, and manufacturers, allowing us to provide the greatest quality and selection for the August homes.

“The reality of the house surpassed expectations and it delivers exactly what August promised – and more!" - Fiona and David, Signature Collection

The August criteria

We like to showcase the original builds of the home, presenting the history of the home which is a huge influence for us, from the abandoned terracotta tiles transformed into artwork in entrances. We preserve each decorative feature, as they could have a story to tell. We take pride in the small touches we add to the homes before you arrive which should help you settle in right away! Spices in the spice cupboard, bathrobes hung, local drinks cooled in the fridge, and the pool heated, are all thoughtful details that'll bring you one step closer to feeling at home.

"The architecture and style of the home are lovely with beautiful windows. The garden is just so impressive, the way that it is landscaped creates a pure and chilled atmosphere. The house is very large with different areas" - Juliana and Martijn - Signature Collection


Each August home undergoes a form of renovation, that may add value, modernising or bringing the home to life! As a co-owner, you're able to go through the renovation process with full transparency without the hassles that come with it, whether you're interested in the small details or not we make sure the homes are all designed with you in mind.

"Another thing that caught my attention is how August seems to focus on design quality which is refreshing " - Yvonne, Aerin and Kiki, Signature Collection



Interior transformation

The interior of the homes feature flexible living spaces that effortlessly combines luxury living with holidaying, we make sure the luxury interior touches don’t get in the way. The August homes all get the same amount of attention, providing you with the same feel in each home so you can settle in right away, no matter the location. All the homes feature a reimagined indoor and outdoor living space providing you and your family a range of spaces to entertain, relax and have fun.

You can find yourself al fresco dining on the terrace or reading a book in the bedroom with the doors open overlooking the terrace. The delicate colour palettes and finishes provide you with a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, all while delivering a high standard of luxury and functionality, having a second home shouldn't limit the features and essentials that just makes sense for you to have at home.

Soft and light spaces, complimented by authentic features

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