Unveiling 'The Magic of Le Marais': A Parisian Tale Beyond the Streets


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May 14, 2024

When looking for a place for our first apartment in Paris, only the authentic would do. We found the district where the city of your dreams is on your doorstep

If you want an authentic experience of the French capital, the richly historic district of Le Marais (known as the Marsh) delivers on many levels: landmarks, street life and let’s not forget an eclectic abundance of indie boutiques and bistros. This is not the central Paris of big homes, parks and tourist packs. This is the city of romantic dreams, where the mediaeval streets are narrow, winding and full of surprises. They lead to a story at every corner. Le Marais, in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of the city, is on the right bank of the Seine. Landmark buildings are part of the neighbourhood, including the Place de la Republique and its statue of Marianne, the symbol of the French Republic. Hidden green spaces in the district offer a place to pause.

Places to hang out are plentiful here, and it’s expected that you order in French. August’s head of real estate, Athé Dunod, gives insider information on a trio of fabulous spots: There’s an Asian restaurant, Le Bonbou, with cosy corners for dates and chandeliers for glamour. Try Moroccan food at the lively Le 404 - open on Sundays, which is a rarity for Paris.

For a speakeasy vibe, Derrière bar (at 69 Rue des Gravilliers) is one of her favourites. Here, weekend brunch and a comfort-food menu combine with a bohemian apartment feel to give this restaurant a hip and homely vibe. Owned by the Mazouz brothers – Mourad is the restaurateur behind Momo and Sketch – quality is guaranteed.

It’s not the real Paris without culture. For your fix, try Musée Carnavalet and Musée Picasso (an art gallery in the Hôtel Salé) on rue de Thorigny.

Relax on every level, after strolling the streets like a true Parisian as the district offers other treats such as an intimate tea room at Hotel 9Confidentiel and a hammam at Les Bains du Marais - a one-of-a-kind spa.

When in Paris, it’s de rigueur to pause for some people watching. To the west of the Marais lies the Centre Georges Pompidou and its plaza is among Paris's best spots for this. (Parisians call this area Beaubourg.)

In Le Marais, we have elevated a two-bedroom apartment to its best - sleek, chic and serene - it’s in sync with the city. Discover the home.

Athénaïs Dunod, our Head of Real Estate, says: “I chose this property especially due to these windows and the ceiling height - it’s more than four metres! It has an impressive  entrance, in this wide and long corridor, which gives  a feeling of entering a super-exclusive 400 sqm apartment.”

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