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Diana and Scott

Diana and Scott, from Laguna Beach, California joined the City Collection earlier this year, they’re a couple that love to travel and experience a variety of cultures.

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From what we have seen, all the homes are just beautiful, you guys have a great team of interior designers and you can see with each of the homes there's going to be a lot of the influences from the locations.

Diana is recently retired and Scott works in the film industry. They had been looking for a second home in one of their favourite places in Europe: Tuscany, Italy. A home that they can enjoy and share with their five adult children, grandchildren and friends! However, because they had previously completed a renovation in their Malibu home, the idea of renovating a second home abroad didn't appeal to the couple.

The August approach just made sense!

After years of casually browsing homes online, they came across August. They were familiar with the concept of co-ownership, so they could see how it would make sense for them and how the August approach met their needs.

“So I’m familiar with renovating homes and I just didn't want to do it again. So when I came across August, my interest peaked and I started doing some research on other co-ownership companies to compare as there are some other ones out there, but mainly in the United States, but I thought August makes sense for us, because of all of the Europe locations it just seemed like such a wonderful fit for my husband and I”.

With their children all grown up, they have more flexibility to travel and stay in different homes throughout the year. “My husband is in the film location business, and he can work virtually from anywhere and I am retired. We thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to enjoy!

“We love to travel, so the five homes and all the locations were perfect for us”

A year-round enjoyment

Co-owning a home with August also gave Diana and Scott an opportunity to own a collection of five homes in the best European destinations. With so many locations to look forward to they can explore various areas from their home base throughout the year.  “We wanted the accessibility to walk and just kind of explore the neighbourhoods and become a part of that local scene. We certainly would love to invite another couple, our friends and family to the homes. I see us going two to three times a year during both peak and off season. I would definitely like to use the homes a lot, to get my money's worth, of course! There might be times where, if my husband is just not able to go, I know that I have a lot more freedom and flexibility to go alone”.

Unforgettable moments in multiple homes…

With an August collection, you are not limited to one location or holiday homes, you own and have access to five uniquely designed homes in sought after destinations at your fingertips and Diana and Scott look forward to exploring the areas.

“Well all the five locations have something that's interesting, I love having the fact that we'll have five different neighbourhoods that we can keep revisiting, learn from and continue to explore more each time that we visit and really become a localised, where we can easily go to down the little cobbled streets to find the best antique shops”

August homes are situated in locations that are rich in activities and vibrant cultural experiences and this is something that the couple most look forward to. “I can see us taking advantage of the seasonal experiences of the Chamonix area, summertime in the mountains, we could go hiking and biking, and then of course skiing in the winter. Provence for example and would love to do some shopping while I’m there. I plan on buying another second home here in California and I love antiques so I would love to have the opportunity to go shopping quite a lot, find cute little holes in the walls in the Provence area and ship furniture back for when we eventually make that second home purchase down the road. 

While in Spain we can experience the joys of food, wine and all the lovely museums and Tuscany offers us so much, I absolutely love the food there and will probably do a cooking class, we’ll be doing a lot of cooking at the home, visit the farmers markets, prepare the food and also enjoy the all of the cultural elements in the area”. 

Having previously stayed in hotels in their previous European holidays, the couple also love that while they get to enjoy the local areas, they also have a base to simply unwind. “In addition to all the adventures we get to do, it is nice that you can just enjoy and relax in the homes, because you may not want to go on any more excursions or tours or activities. Our last trip to Italy we went for two weeks and one of those days we just decided to take a break, sit by the pool and get a massage!”.  

The feeling of home every time you travel

In addition to owning homes in their favourite destinations, co-ownership enabled Diana and Scott to have beautiful, spacious homes without having to compromise their taste. Every August home, fully furnished with amenities, decor and accessories. 

“Our personal style is very minimal, classic, comfortable and high quality materials and that is what drew us to the August aesthetic. Then of course depending on where you are located, you can pull elements from that area as inspiration, for example our Malibu home, there’s that beach vibe, it's all very rustic, very hip and cool. That’s what we love about the August home, how you guys do them is just right in line with what I'm used to, what I'm comfortable with and, they’re very, aesthetically pleasing”

“From what we have seen, all the homes are just beautiful, you guys have a great team of interior designers and you can see with each of the homes there's going to be a lot of the influences from the locations”.

Join Diana, Scott and other August families to discover how you can co-own an August collection today. If you’re interested in one of our collections and want to gain more information and early access to new collections, get in touch info@augustcollection.co.uk, or attend our next webinar.

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