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Bring The Kids Along. How one August family grows up, and grows into, their Collection

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“This is something we would all have loved to have when we were younger. Now we can give that opportunity to our daughter.”

For many August homeowners, the enduring appeal of iconic European destinations remains a lifelong adult dream – but how will this lifestyle suit growing kids at different ages? 

Whether seeking new ways to bond or bestow a lifelong gift of cultural immersion, homeowners like Stefan took the leap with two school-age children. 

Read our feature interview to discover how Stefan unlocked the family benefits he had hoped for, and even some unforeseen rewards and fresh perspectives along the way. 

Plus, we have rounded up some useful tips for anyone travelling with kids to our Collection homes.

What made you decide to become an August homeowner?

My wife and I discovered August around three years ago. We’d been thinking about buying a summer home for about 10 years. As an expat family travelling to different countries in Europe, it's not always a given that you’ll have a fixed place to come back to. Having somewhere we could call ‘home’ felt quite important to us.

I love mountains, I love the Alps – I love skiing, snowboarding, hiking, being out in nature. My wife loves the beach and sand, and the kids love the ocean and the pool. When August came up, it seemed to tick all the boxes for us as a family. 

You have two kids, do they love travelling as much as you do?

Yes, they really do! They are very international – born and raised in an expat environment, where they’re exposed to lots of different things. They love skiing, less so hiking at this age. But they love to lay on the beach at our Mallorcan villa, and we’re soon to visit Tuscany for the first time. I’m sure they’ll enjoy being by the pool there! 

For our daughter, who’s 16, having friends come and connect is really great, especially as she gets older. We’ve already had a friend of hers come with us to Mallorca and another friend will join us in Tuscany. This makes August homes really wonderful destinations for the kids and their friends, as well as us. 

Can you tell us what a typical August vacation looks like for your family?

We like to try and step away from the electronic devices and Netflix and spend quality family time in our August homes. There is plenty of space to do that. We tend to cook at home quite a lot, too. Or buy the basic ingredients for the kids to stay in and watch a movie. Then me and my wife might go out for dinner – just the two of us – and enjoy the local restaurants nearby.

The homes offer us opportunities to connect as a family whilst having independence. We can settle down and rest our minds because everything’s taken care of. That's really comforting for us, stepping into somewhere that we know, whilst not being not at home – a home from home. 

What do you think August holidays bring to your kids’ lives? 

Having a pre-teen and a teen, sometimes the best thing you can give them is fast Internet!
For me and my wife, August offers an opportunity to work from abroad. For our daughter, it will eventually mean the chance to travel more with her friends on private trips. This is something we would all have loved to have when we were younger. Now, we can give our daughter – and son – that opportunity.

Aside from that, having a pool is great, because we don’t have one at home in the Netherlands. It’s something that the kids really enjoy, especially in the summer. They also love to be active. In Chamonix, we go skiing as a family. In Barcelona, we explore more, and in Mallorca, we like to take trips around the island.

How do you see your August experience changing as your kids grow up?

As the kids get older, maybe we’ll do less family trips and more couples’ trips, and the kids will travel with their friends. All of the homes offer at least two good-sized bedrooms, so it would be very convenient to bring my brother and his wife to Barcelona for a weekend, for example.

We’ve also been talking about exploring other Collections – maybe upgrading, as I know that other families have. As a community of August homeowners, we might have an opportunity to share more of the weeks and different Collections between our families. 

Do you think owning an August Collection will change your kids’ travel outlook?

As a family, we’ve lived in four or five different countries already, so the kids have been exposed to a lot of places. I think what August adds that’s really important is travel with their friends – inviting them for a weekend getaway.

Having bases in these different countries gives our kids the opportunity to get more in touch with the different cultures and discover their independence. I can imagine for families whose kids don't have an international background, August could really be opening up new doors.

What does your family value most about your August lifestyle?

As a teenager, you want to explore your independence, and as a grown-up you want to enable that without feeling uncomfortable. Having an August home where I know that our daughter can explore on her own, whilst knowing how everything works, means she can have that feeling of freedom abroad without us having to worry. I really value that.

I know she's a very independent, amazing, young adult already. Knowing that she can go to these homes that are familiar when she’s a little older would make me feel so much more comfortable.

What is your secret for a harmonious trip with kids?

Making sure that it's as convenient as possible. Kids like to have some stability. They want to know where breakfast is, that there’s a pool, etc. Having this August Collection of homes makes things really easy. We know that our daughter can go out and have a walk by herself in one of the quieter neighbourhoods. This convenience and familiarity means, as a family, we have a much more relaxed vacation.

Can you share your family’s most memorable August vacation to date?

I think the one that left the biggest impression was the first vacation we took, in Barcelona, over New Year. It felt like everything just fit perfectly together. 

We had a wonderful Christmas just before we flew into Barcelona, and then had fantastic weather – almost 20° on New Year's Eve! We took the kids and explored the city, saw a football match on the 31st and celebrated in a very Catalonian way.

Finally, where are you all excited to explore next?

We haven't been to Tuscany yet, so I think it will be Tuscany. I think, so far, my son’s favourite place has been Cannes, because of the big pool. And for my daughter, it’s been Mallorca because of the water and the beach.


Variety is the spice of life 

Kids grow bored without enough stimulation, so indulging young minds in varied activities and surroundings will keep the whole family engaged. Set in diverse European destinations, our Collection of homes nurture unique cultural experiences and activities. Whether your young travellers seek sun and sand, city life or the powdery thrill of the French Alps, August unlocks the opportunity for discovery at any age.

Foster independence in a familiar setting

As Stefan knows, young adults want to strike out on their own and start exploring their independence. August Collection homes boast spaciousness that both kids and parents can enjoy, while familiarity creates a safe haven for young explorers to find their feet. Carefully chosen for community, authenticity and diversity, our neighbourhoods are the perfect base from which to safely discover these vibrant regions.

Bring their friends

Kids seek connection, and inviting their friends to share in childhood holidays opens up a different experience for young travellers. With Signature Collection homes offering 3-4 bedrooms, there’s plenty of space for your kids’ friends to tag along. Many of our homeowners grow into their Collection, with their children eventually taking independent trips and leaving the parents behind. For parents like Stefan, there’s comfort in knowing that the kids have grown up in a familiar setting.

Take the plunge

For teens and pre-teens, swimming in the sea or spending long, languid afternoons by the pool are the highlight of any holiday. Many August homes boast pools, with the Signature Collection offering this as standard in Tuscany, the South of France and Mallorca. Once your kids don their swimwear, you might not see them all day!

Give them all the mod cons 

Try as we might to introduce our kids to new cultural experiences, sometimes – in Stefan’s words – they just want fast internet. Today’s hyper-connected young adults don’t want to switch off entirely when they travel. All August homes are equipped with a strong internet connection and home entertainment systems, with Premium and Prime Collection homes boasting games rooms, gyms and more. 

August features

August offers a range of child-friendly amenities and services to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free stay for families. Upon request, all August homes can be equipped with cots and high-chairs, while property managers are available to organise local nannies and childcare support. Families can also benefit from personalised recommendations for nearby activities suitable for children. In-home entertainment options include board games, with some properties even featuring pétanque courts—a popular activity among kids. Safety is paramount, with child friendly Mallorcan plunge pools and French properties equipped with pool alarms for added peace of mind. Additionally, zip and link beds ensure flexible sleeping arrangements to accommodate younger guests, ensuring an enjoyable stay for the whole family.

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