When Dream Homes Abroad Become Nightmares


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May 13, 2024

A first-hand account from overseas property industry expert of 25 years experience. The reality of owning holiday homes is no longer a...

You and your family know holidays are always a great time, so the idea of owning your holiday home should also be as exciting and as great of an experience. From finding the ideal home in the perfect location that’s within your budget to accepting that your future home may require a bit of work (which you don’t mind taking on because after all, it’s going to be your second home, so what's a bit of work around the house with a little local help?).

It’s a great way to flex your handy and language skills with the locals in between getting to know the area. Knowing you have this sanctuary excites your friends and family who will no doubt also be visiting your home as often as possible. You have experience with buying homes before so the process should take the same time if not less than your current home.

The village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie not far from your August home. @cpascoco

Owning a holiday home can be easier than booking a holiday. You have the comfort and ease of knowing where you are going but it's very common this expectation turns into a nightmare reality as not all holiday home experiences are made equal. Ingram, a leading French property industry expert of over 25 years has seen first-hand the excitement, but also the frustrations and difficulties that can arise purchasing a holiday home in France.

As a leading source of information on moving to France, living in France, and holidaying in France, we help a lot of families on their journey.

Most are able to make that journey without too many complications, but for a significant number of other buyers it can be a stressful process. Many of them are disappointed by the level of customer service in France and there is frequently a lack of suitable properties on the market. This is particularly the case as the present time, as there is a huge level of buyer interest from the pent-up demand following the easing of lockdown.”

Finding the ideal property that is suitable for family needs, that’s even available on the market is also a common challenge that many of our August families face. The ability that August can source multiple homes in desirable locations is a great value we add. We have dedicated teams that know local markets so well that properties don’t even go on the market as they come directly to August. With our knowledge and network, we are able to find the best homes in liquid markets that are in high demand, negotiate the best rates, handle all the local administration, including managing and overseeing the entire renovation and interior design process and ensure homes are holiday ready.

Once families find their dream home, the next stage is the purchase process when the language barrier is a frequent problem. The process is also long – very little in France happens quickly! Dealing remotely from your home country also makes it trickier.

Those who buy a property to renovate have greater challenges to face. Some bite of a bit more than they can chew and incur financial difficulties. Others bring their own team from their home country to help out, carrying out work based on their own experience whilst ignoring French building regulations, causing additional work and later additional expense, especially when coming to sell the property.

At August, we recognise these pitfalls that are often experienced with foreign homeownership, so we build dream homes for families that they don't have to worry about. We prevent and handle all the nightmares that come with homeownership, renovations and on-going management. We help August families plan seamless holidays, having them come back time and time again to enjoy their own familiar spaces. We remove all headaches associated with buying and owning property abroad, making your holidays feel like holidays and leaving you all the time to enjoy what you do best.

To find out more about the August concept and how we can help you with owning holiday homes abroad, please get in touch and speak with the sales agents today to find out more about the August homes and collections.