The August Approach to Making a ‘Home’

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July 11, 2024

With a combined experience of almost 30 years of acquiring, renovating, and designing luxury properties, the team have refined their authentic process. Here we share the August approach to making each house a ‘home’…

When Mélie and Nico founded August, their ethos was evident. They both find joy in crafting memorable holidays with loved ones and have a passion for travelling to desirable locations and residing in elegant homes. This mutual appreciation formed the essence of the August Ethos that continues to drive their visionary approach. 

Over time, August has experienced substantial growth, but with each new Homeowner welcomed, the co-founders are reminded of their beginnings. They have the opportunity to share their joy with yet another family as the dream of owning multiple homes in desirable locations becomes a tangible reality. 

“The August Way” is a term frequently used within our office – it serves as our north star that guides every decision made by each department. This ethos combines function and beauty and is manifested through our Collections that reflect authenticity, convenience, and comfort. As our team expands, so do the opportunities to acquire homes in need of greater attention and care. This enables August to select properties that would otherwise have been overlooked and transform them “The August Way”.  

The appeal of our property locations lie in their rich history. Each building carries a unique story and is surrounded by a vibrant local community. The authenticity of these properties provides the perfect palette for renovation, while maintaining a commitment to respect the local area. We strive to ensure that our homes blend seamlessly with the surrounding culture and our Homeowners act as a natural extension of the community. 

Our design team holds great respect and admiration for original details and it is crucial to preserve the charm and authenticity of each home. The team’s expert approach blends the comforts of contemporary living with the historical essence of each wall.

In an effort to define each region distinctly, our London office is working closely with local teams. We are in the process of developing unique regional characteristics, including a specific colour palette, an embodying symbol with botanicals from the region and a scent that captures the essence of each home. We hope that these defining features enable an immediate association for Homeowners with the local landscape and culture and embody the luxury of “The August Way”. 

The behind-the-scenes work is fostered by a host of strong relationships cultivated over time by our team with local builders, designers, and property experts. We believe that this authentic network stands as one of the elements that distinguishes August’s product from any competitors in the market.

Convenience is a priority and we ensure that all our homes are designed to be accessible to Homeowners worldwide. To make this happen, location is key. With all homes situated within an hour of an airport, we take pride in offering conveniently placed homes in desirable locations. The surrounding region of each home is as important as the architectural potential of any property viewed.

Originally, the selection of countries to make up the Collections was based on our team’s expertise. However, as the process evolved, the flexibility and year-round convenience of properties became pivotal to the choice of one potential home over another. For instance, our Signature Collection ski apartments in Chamonix proved to be equally appealing as a summer holiday location, providing a new criterion for our future home searches. This realisation allows Homeowners to have four or five versatile homes that provide year-round convenience to travel to.

Recognising the diverse needs of our Homeowners, we have continually expanded our Collections to develop five distinct options: Signature, Premium, Exec, Pied À Terre and Prime, with each collection catering to various lifestyle preferences.


When aiming to provide ultimate comfort, it is crucial to never lose sight of the end-user. We consider each need of the individual while curating a product that satisfies the collective. At August, we believe that true comfort is a result of attention to detail. Our team of experts dedicates their efforts to take every detail into account, even those that may go unnoticed by the Homeowners. These subtle elements can transform a good stay into a great stay.

Just like when designing your own home, comfort is crucial to elevate a house to a home. While our team pride themselves in creating elegant and luxurious homes, comfort remains at the forefront. While many of the houses we acquire have traditional structures, the renovation process is structured around accommodating the comforts of modern living to ensure that August produces homes that withstand the test of time.

Each home is equipped with the amenities you would expect in your own home. High-speed internet access allows Homeowners to work from home, while top-of-the-range security systems ensure you feel safe during each stay. Air conditioning enables comfort on and off-peak season and televisions are for every day of the week because it’s a holiday. August’s goal is for every Homeowner to feel comfortable, connected, and secure from the moment they step inside.


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