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The Tuscan Treasure Trove

Discover how August’s Design Team unveil the treasures inside the trove of Tuscan authenticity.

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August Collection house for sale/properties for sale/buy house/ in France, Spain, Italy, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Tuscany, and London (Quotation Icon)

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Context adds depth to a captivating story, and this principle is no different for a property. The Premium Tuscan Home, a charming old farmhouse, previously belonged to an Italian family who decided to stay close to their beloved local area by moving just minutes away. When acquiring the house, the August design team also inherited a collection of cherished antiques that held the very essence and character of this farmhouse’s history. These Tuscan treasures served as the initial mood board of creativity that formed the inspiration behind the design of each unique room. In the dining room, while the dining table and dresser from the previous family retained their rightful place, new furniture was thoughtfully selected to enhance their poignance in the overall design.

In the journey of any renovation, true treasures reveal themselves and these exquisite finds become the driving force behind our vision and ease the subsequent process. Among them, the Tuscan tiles, found in each of August’s Italian farmhouses, present a marvellous colour palette for our designers to draw inspiration from. These tiles boast shades of orange, yellow, blue and green, offering the perfect opportunity to infuse vibrant hues throughout these charming homes.

When envisioning the colour of this mountainous area of Italy, a sunny shade of yellow naturally comes to mind, embodied by the exterior shade of the Premium Tuscan home. The conservation direction within this area limits the colour choices for houses. The prevalent pinks, greens and yellows seen from the hilltop view of this home made it an easy decision to blend all three into the design through subtle details such as cushion piping, sun beds and vases.   

As is true with numerous farmhouses in this region, the ground floor of these properties once served as stables for horses, lending a fascinating background to the architectural elements. This explains the presence of arched doorways and distinctive window arches that elevate the intricate beauty of the stone-adorned Italian homes.

Upon acquiring the Premium Collection home, a remarkably large piece of art was also acquired. A large oil painting, clearly crafted by a talented artist, hung proudly in the living room. While it was very grand, the sombre portrayal of two nuns was not fitting with the vision of a colourful aesthetic that would flow through the brightly lit farmhouse. Recognising this, August made the decision to sell it to a local art dealer who was eager to take it off our hands. Weeks into the renovation, the team received an unexpected call from the local police, requesting to speak to the person in charge regarding a painting reported stolen from the late 1990s. The unexpected story behind this Tuscan treasure adds a mysterious layer to the narrative of this elegant farmhouse.


The region of the August homes in Tuscany is renowned for its stone and marble craftsmanship and numerous examples grace the homes in the form of countertops and basins. In the Premium Collection Home, there is a particular bathroom that truly exhibits the celebrated local craftsmanship. The grand basin countertop is carved from a single, seamless piece of marble with no visible joins, showcasing the impressive local artistry. To add to the allure, a window located beside the basin provides an unobstructed view of the majestic Mountains of Carrara, the source of this remarkable marble. A true treasure of the region.

As the August design team become increasingly familiar with the local surroundings, their inspiration increasingly evolves from more quirky and unconventional sources. The Duomo di Orvieto is one of note. The church’s distinct grey and white stripes that line the exterior and supporting structures sparked the idea of incorporating prominent striped designs into the sofa upholstering in the Premium Home’s living room.


No August project is complete without the help of local heroes. Among them is Roberto, an 85-year-old man who brought the church-inspired upholstery to life and skilfully crafted the curtains and cushions that transform this house into a home. Tristino, a man who has quickly become a treasure to the August team, acts as the guiding hand in the Italian renovation projects. He is the “everything man”, a fixer for even the most obscure inquiries. Along with his resourcefulness, he’s a man of the town and has an invaluable network of relations who have supported August through the challenging process.

Our team excitingly await future projects in this region as they accompany the chance to discover even more Tuscan treasures and their distinct charm.

August Collection house for sale/properties for sale/buy house/ in France, Spain, Italy, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Tuscany, and London (Quotation Icon)

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