How we renovate our August holiday homes in Europe?


Published On

May 13, 2024

It takes a lot of property viewings and expertise to identify and purchase an August home. We view around 2,000 homes a year and currently, only 50 have made the cut.

It is often one of the trickiest things to do for the untrained eye - how to see through other people's decor, furniture and potentially questionable taste! It takes a highly skilled eye to see potential in a property in need of renovation. We recognise the bones of a property and know exactly what it takes to transform them into dream holiday homes.

We renovate and refurbish the homes to bring them back to their former glory, we will always be sympathetic to the area and destination, sourcing local materials and finishes so your home feels like it belongs, as much as you do in this community.

The attention to detail and heritage doesn't stop with the refurbishments, we interior design the homes and scour local antique markets and furnish your dream home so it will feel lived in and loved from the moment you arrive.

When August was created it was based on the notion of like-minded communities who want a true second home experience and appreciated the difference a beautifully designed home will have on your time there. To fulfil this, the homes needed a soul, unlike rental properties where furnishings and fixtures will be more basic rather than an optimised mix of comfortable, functional and beautiful.  

The fundamentals of design

All August homes are designed to incorporate flexible living spaces that effortlessly combine luxury living and holidaying, space to entertain, relax and host. Space where should you be working there is a comfortable desk space that may double up as another piece of furniture or depending on the size of the property a separate study.


Our delicate colour palettes and finishes provide you with a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, all while delivering a high standard of luxury and functionality. We spend a huge amount of time and effort scouring local antique markets and trawling through online forums to find local vintage dealers, where we can find what we need to compliment every unique home. Not only is this more sustainable but it’s also the only way to capture the historic and local flavour of each destination.

‘The August Way’ is not only about design, but the whole experience that co-owners receive whenever they go to their homes. It’s about building a sense of belonging and community, so they can put down roots and create lifelong memories, somewhere they bring their family and friends year after year, to grow and experience and become immersed in multiple cultures.

All of this is possible with zero hassle. You don't have to lift a finger or talk to a conveyancer or broker or international lawyers. We deal with all the stress so you can just focus on enjoying your new holiday homes.

We work with local tradesmen and traditional crafts for a truly individual feel and unique aesthetic in each house. It is important to us to work with local communities long-term and we know that having more frquent occupancy of holiday homes we are helping local businesses, many of which we recommend in our bespoke guides of the area for each of our co-owners.