August Recommends: The Cotswolds


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May 14, 2024

Embark on a design-inspired journey through the picturesque Cotswolds as we delve into the region's hidden treasures with Max, our Head of Design. Max's discerning eye for aesthetics and passion for creating harmonious living spaces brings a unique perspective to exploring this charming corner of England.

Tell us about yourself 

Max Lozinski, Head of Design & Development - along with my great team, we take houses and turn them into August homes.

Tell us about your history with The Cotswolds

I was born in Gloucestershire and moved back to The Cotswolds from London during the pandemic to reconnect with nature, rebalance my lifestyle and enjoy the ever-evolving scene in the area.

Which are your favourite locations to stay in and why? 

Well, my home! Which is just below the wonderful market town of Stow-on-the-Wold - many of the August homes are within very close proximity of the town. 

If you had to choose one restaurant to dine at in this location, where would it be and why? 

The Woolpack in Slad is pretty much the perfect pub - elevated but honest, locally sourced food, great local bitters, all in a cosy environment looking out to incredible views of the valley below.

And beyond this restaurant, what are some of your top picks for food & drink, and why? 

The Lamb Shipton-u-Wychwood, The Fox in Broadwell and the Sherborne Arms in Northleach are all owned by good pals of mine Pete and Tom and offer some of the best food around - in pubs that remain true community locals. Jesse and Andrew at D'Ambrosi in Stow on the Wold offer the best deli dishes - and the Halfway in Kineton is doing exciting things under new ownership. Zonda has just popped up in the Stow Rugby Club and offers great pizzas, either to take home or eat in the car park of the club - brilliant views, so more of a destination than it may sound!

Is there an activity that you think everyone must do when in The Cotswolds? 

The Cotswold Way is a wonderful 102-mile route that traverses the breadth of the region - meandering between honey-coloured villages, limestone escarpments and through bosky woodlands - you can do bitesize sections - it's a great way to appreciate the variety of landscapes the area consists of. The area is crisscrossed by footpaths and bridleways, so even if not The Cotswold Way, get out and explore any of them! Even better with four-legged friends.

Outside of the homes, where is your must-visit for a day trip in the region? 

The Daylesford Estate and its farm shop, spa, health club and retail offer are always worth a visit - for pampering, groceries or interior ideas - it is an inspiring and ever-evolving destination. The Cheltenham Jazz Festival (May) is always a good idea too - with global jazz and soul artists taking over this Regency Town for a long weekend. 

Who is your local hero, and why? 

Jimmy Butterworth of Cotswold Market Garden - he grows a variety of delicious vegetables on his Aldsworth co-op farm - starting from scratch he champions low food mileage, and seasonality and delivers to your door.

What's your favourite thing about the region? 

Its ever-changing green-ness ... I find it so calming and grounding to be surrounded by such beautiful countryside, it changes from season to season and never fails to enrapture me... Plus the incredible food scene driven by passionate publicans, producers and punters. Great outdoors, great gastronomy - what's not to love?!

When you're not in the region, is there anything that instantly transports you back or evokes a memory from the region? 

As I travel around the August regions, I do find myself taking particular interest in Provencal, Tuscan and Mallorcan dry stone walling techniques - nothing quite beats my beloved stacks of Cotswolds stone snaking up and down the local lanes.

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