Explore Europe's Top Pet-Friendly Vacation Homes


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May 14, 2024

Travelling with pets can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. For pet lovers, a vacation often feels incomplete without their furry family members. Understanding this, an increasing number of vacation destinations across Europe are embracing pet-friendly policies. This guide will explore the world of pet-friendly vacation homes in Europe, highlighting the joys and conveniences of travelling with pets, the advantages of owning a pet-friendly vacation home, and how models like August's are making pet-inclusive travel more accessible and enjoyable.

The Joy of Travelling with Pets

Travelling with pets brings a unique joy and companionship to your vacation. Pets can enhance the enjoyment of outdoor activities, whether it's a hike through the Tuscan hills or a leisurely stroll along the beaches of the French Riviera. Moreover, having your pets with you can alleviate the stress of leaving them behind and dealing with pet sitters or kennels.

Challenges of Vacationing with Pets

While travelling with pets enriches the vacation experience, it also presents unique challenges, particularly when it comes to accommodations. One major issue is the limitations and restrictions often found in hotels and rentals. Many establishments, even those that are pet-friendly, may have strict rules regarding pet size, breed, or the number of pets allowed. Additionally, pet owners frequently face extra charges for bringing their pets and may encounter limitations on where pets are allowed on the property.

In contrast, owning a vacation home alleviates many of these concerns. With a vacation home, there are no restrictions imposed by external management, giving pet owners complete freedom to bring their pets without worry. This means no unexpected fees, no uncomfortable compromises on pet comfort, and no stress about whether your pet will be allowed to fit in.

Moreover, vacation homes provide a consistent environment for pets, which can be particularly beneficial as pets often feel more relaxed and secure in familiar surroundings. This consistency is less likely in rentals or hotels, where the surroundings and rules can vary widely. By owning a vacation home, pet parents ensure their pets are as comfortable and at ease as they are, making the vacation enjoyable for the entire family.

In this context, the August model of vacation home ownership stands out as particularly advantageous for pet owners. It combines the convenience and variety of multiple destinations with the comfort of knowing that each property is pet-friendly and equipped to cater to the needs of your furry family members.

Pet-Friendly Destinations in Europe

Tuscany, Italy 

Tuscany is not only a feast for the human senses but also a paradise for pets. The region's vast vineyards and open fields provide ample space for pets to roam and explore. Pet owners can take leisurely walks along scenic routes, with stops at pet-friendly establishments. 

The region's eatery options often include spacious outdoor areas, perfect for pets to play and relax in a safe environment. Moreover, Tuscany’s mild climate is conducive to year-round outdoor activities, ensuring that your pet can enjoy the vacation as much as you do.

The Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds region is a haven for pet owners. Its characteristic open meadows, wooded trails, and gentle hills make it an ideal setting for long walks or runs with your dog. 

The area is also known for its welcoming attitude towards pets, with many cafes and pubs allowing dogs. This region offers a tranquil retreat where pets can enjoy the natural surroundings and owners can appreciate the historic villages and local culture, all in the company of their furry companions.

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca’s reputation as a pet-friendly destination is growing. The island's numerous beaches provide fantastic spots for dogs to play and swim, with several designated as pet-friendly. Beyond the beaches, Mallorca's inland offers hiking trails and parks, where pets can explore the diverse landscapes of the island. 

The laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle here also means that pets are welcome in many outdoor eateries and public spaces, making it easier for pet owners to include their pets in most activities.

The French Alps

The French Alps are a wonderland for pets, especially those who thrive in cooler weather. The region’s ski resorts are increasingly accommodating pets, with many offering pet-friendly lodging. During the winter, pets can accompany their owners on snowy walks, and in the summer, the Alps transform into a lush, green landscape ideal for hiking and exploration. 

This destination is perfect for active pets who enjoy the outdoors, offering a range of activities that can be enjoyed together in some of nature’s most breathtaking scenery.

Advantages of Owning a Pet-Friendly Vacation Home

Owning a pet-friendly vacation home removes the hassle of constantly searching for accommodations that accept pets. It provides a consistent and comfortable environment for both you and your pets. Additionally, owning a vacation home means you can set it up to cater specifically to your pet's needs, ensuring their comfort and safety.

The August Model: Tailored for Pet Owners Seeking European Adventures

August's fractional ownership model stands out as a particularly pet-friendly solution in the world of European vacation homes. Embracing the needs of pet owners, their properties are located in some of the most welcoming and picturesque regions across Europe. This means that whether you're planning a retreat in the rolling hills of Tuscany or a seaside getaway in Mallorca, your pets are just as welcome as you are.

This model strikes a perfect balance by offering the luxury and comfort of a high-end vacation home without the complexities and burdens of sole ownership. For pet owners, this alleviates the common concerns of finding pet-friendly accommodations and dealing with the inconsistencies of pet policies in rentals or hotels. Each property in August’s portfolio is selected with a pet-friendly ethos in mind, ensuring spaces where pets can feel safe, relaxed, and free to explore.

Moreover, the convenience of August's model extends beyond pet-friendly accommodations. It encompasses comprehensive property management, which means all aspects of home maintenance, from regular cleaning to ensuring the property remains pet-friendly and safe, are handled by professionals. 

This attention to detail ensures that every time you visit with your pets, the property is prepared to meet your (and your pet's) needs, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories with your furry family members.

In essence, the August model provides pet owners with the freedom to travel across various European destinations with their pets in tow, offering a diverse range of experiences for both humans and animals. It's a way to enjoy the joys of pet-inclusive vacations in some of Europe's most beautiful settings, backed by the assurance of quality and consistency synonymous with the August brand.

Making Memories with Your Pets in Europe

Travelling with pets can enrich your vacation experience, and having the right accommodation is key to a stress-free trip. Pet-friendly vacation homes in Europe offer the perfect blend of comfort for you and your pets. These homes provide a welcoming environment for every member of your family, ensuring your European adventures are complete with your beloved pets by your side. Contact us today to discuss how an August Collection home can accommodate you and your furry friends for years to come.