The August Family Holiday Album: Storytelling Through Sequential Photography

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July 11, 2024

A family holiday is always filled with special moments, from new adventures and quality time together to memories made in a beautiful location away from home. Capturing the essence of it all in a visual narrative is a wonderful way to recount and remember your time away. Why not create a photo album that sequentially tells the story of your holiday, from arrival to departure, resulting in a meaningful keepsake your family will treasure? If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve put together a few suggestions to inspire you for your next family getaway.

Choosing your location

An integral part of visually narrating your holiday is featuring your chosen destination prominently. So, consider how you want the location itself to be part of the tale you tell through images. Planning some establishing shots of the holiday home and its surroundings sets the scene beautifully. Wide angle shots of the exterior upon first arrival display your home-away-from-home in all its glory. Capture your family members spilling out of the car, excitedly looking up at the property.

Once inside, take moody interior shots to convey a cosy, private sanctuary away from daily hustle and bustle; close-up photographs of thoughtful amenities like a crackling fireplace or fully stocked bookshelf make it feel lived in. Capture your loved ones putting their feet up with snacks and drinks to start the relaxation process.

Be sure to take plenty of activity shots that showcase the gorgeous natural surroundings. Prior to arrival at your chosen location, it’s a good idea to do some research into the top spots and attractions other photographers have snapped, so you can be sure to capture them for yourself during your trip. At the end of an active day, take snapshots of the exterior at sunset – use lighting to showcase the home looking warm and inviting nestled into its environment.

Getting creative with how you feature the destination itself helps transport viewers of the photo album into your personal holiday. They see through your lens what made this place so special for your family getaway.

Documenting your stay

Now settled into your holiday home, aim to visually narrate each wonderful day spent there. Consider the types of moments and activities you want to highlight that capture the essence of your family getaway. For example, if you’re visiting a destination during the festive season, consider how you will capture the magic and charm of local Christmas markets and seasonal fare. Or maybe you’re visiting during a festival or local celebration that makes this particular holiday more unique and special.

For many people, mealtimes on holiday become leisurely occasions spent together. Photograph your family grouped around the dinner table or outdoor picnic area, plates full and mid-conversation; you can also capture food prep in the kitchen, showcasing any local ingredients you’ve discovered during your stay.

Day trips to nearby attractions or towns make for scenic photo opportunities and add to the story of your trip. Go sightseeing as a family – snapshots in front of historic architecture, looking out over viewpoints, posing together all make for beautiful mementos, along with entry tickets or souvenirs you bought at each attraction.

Activity shots can build your visual narrative too. Show kids splashing in the pool or playing garden games, parents partaking in their hobbies like reading by the patio. Convey the slower pace and simple pleasures. The key to storytelling through photography is capturing those moments as they’re happening, so don’t be afraid to skip the posed photos in favour of action shots.

With thought and attention to detail, you can visually highlight what makes a holiday meaningful, from the gorgeous views and home comforts to togetherness and memories being made. Photograph the little details of your family retreat that you'll want to treasure for years to come.

Top tips for your family album

Capture a variety of shots

Since you certainly don’t want viewers of your album to get bored and consider your visual storytelling skills weak, you need to challenge their imagination by offering a variety of shots. Just focusing on one style of image won’t tell a whole story – you need flexibility when it comes to shooting approaches and aesthetic preferences.

Aim to capture portraits, landscapes, abstract images, wide-angle establishing shots, action shots and zoomed-in details in order to fully showcase your family holiday. Portraits convey emotion and intimacy, while landscapes highlight the beautiful destination you’ve visited. Versatility will bolster your visual narrative and keep your viewers engaged as they follow your family’s holiday journey.

Convey emotion

No matter how visually appealing your holiday images are in terms of technique, they also need to have a strong emotional impact. A holiday is all about building memories with loved ones, so this should be an integral part of your visual storytelling.

Emotions can be conveyed through body language, so aim to photograph family members' facial expressions and interactions. Capture the joy of arriving at your destination after long car journeys, the excitement of seeing your holiday home, the contentment of spending time together. Portraits should reveal intimate emotional connections.

Utilise colour theory

Think carefully about colour when composing shots to evoke certain emotions in your visual narrative. From the rustic countryside of the Cotswolds to the bright azure waters of the South of France, each destination has its own unique colour palette that should be showcased in your photos.

Experiment with warm and cool colour schemes to change up the emotional quality of your images. For example, the spectrum of reds promotes sensations of joy, intimacy, passion and pleasure – perfect for conveying togetherness and family bonds. Cool blues prompt feelings of calm or solitude, which is perfect for quiet morning shots or moody evening scenes.

Purposefully wield colour and white balance as you take holiday photographs to enhance the emotive quality of your visual narrative. Conscious colour choices result in memorable, artful shots.

Creating a photographic storyboard of your family's time away results in a treasured, enduring chronicle full of nostalgia to look back on for years to come. Paging through your holiday album allows you to reminisce on special moments and share the highlights with others – the ideal way to celebrate a memorable getaway.


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