August Experts: Meet Antonio, Acquisitions Manager for Italy and the UK

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July 11, 2024

Step behind the scenes of August's real estate magic as we sit down with Antonio, our adept Real Estate Acquisition Manager responsible for identifying properties across the UK and Italy. Join us on an insightful journey as he unveils the meticulous process that fuels our property acquisitions, sheds light on the geographical gems we seek out, and shares the precise qualities that make a property the perfect addition to the August portfolio.

Tell us about yourself 

My name is Antonio; I am the Acquisition Manager responsible for Italy and UK, and I am passionate about August's mission and my role. Nothing is better for me than looking for beautiful properties in beautiful locations and contributing to our client's happiness and relaxation.

Tell us about your history with Rome & London

I lived in Rome for 15 years, and I loved everything: The museums, the cobbled streets, the great smell from the "pizza alla teglia" shops, the small fountains to quench your thirst when it's super hot, the unique mix of different architectural styles, the coffee time in the morning, the way Romans make jokes and their accent, the tasty aperitifs with friends, the hypnotic dance of a flock of birds in the downtown sky at sunset, the sunrise from the Pincian Hill, the summer outdoor events and the art exhibitions, the osterie in Trastevere, the fashion. And walking in the centro storico and on the river at night cannot be described with words; it is just magic.

Where would you typically find an August home in both Rome and London, and why?

In London, I look for properties in the Prime Central, mainly on the West side of Hyde Park, from Notting Hill to South Kensington. This is just one of the sweetest spots of London; great Victorian architecture, efficient transport connections, quiet streets although in the heart of the city and a lot to do. It houses some of the most important museums are around South Kensington, with great restaurants, pubs, parks etc. But this is not the only area where I am focusing on finding great opportunities; in particular, for our Exec apartment, the area in Prime Central is wider, and I am continuously screening every part of the city centre for the nicest "gems".

In Rome, I am looking for properties mainly in Trastevere because:  It's a central area just a few minutes walk from the "Centro Storico" on the other side of the river. The area has maintained its character thanks to its narrow cobbled streets lined by ancient houses. At night, locals and tourists alike flock to its many pubs and restaurants, but much of the original character of Trastevere remains. Apartments typically have original features like a ceiling with exposed beams and ancient flooring. There are still uncrowded areas, but they are very close to the liveliest part of Trastevere. We are also considering Borgo on the North of Trastevere and the traditional "centro storico" on the river's East bank with great attention to the exact location to avoid crowded and touristy places.

When you're looking around a property, is there anything that you're keeping an eye out for? ...And is there anything that you're looking to avoid?

When I search for properties, there are lots of essential aspects I take into consideration:

The exact location, how nearby is public transport, what are the busy areas, what condition is the building in, how are the noise levels, does the neighbourhood feel like ‘August’. Most importantly, we’re looking for hidden gems that can become true August renovations. We look for great features that are authentic to the region. Whether it’s great flooring or incredible light. 

What about London and Rome, in general, makes them perfect for an August home?

I always avoid properties in the busiest areas, we want our Homeowners to feel like locals, not tourists! These locations are perfect for August because, in them, our clients can experience the most authentic way of living and really get to know the communities in the area.

What's your favourite August home to date, and why?

I love the Premium South of France home; it is not just beautiful, but it also has the perfect balance of relaxation and enjoyment.

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