Sóller’s most fiery fiesta of the year: St Bartholomew Festival


Published On

May 13, 2024

Sóller has a thriving cultural scene which includes events - open to residents and visitors alike - throughout the year. The celebration of its patron Saint Bartholomew sees the village come alive late August in front of the church and in the town square.

Our co-owner, Lucy and her family got to experience the Fiesta first hand as they were enjoying holidays at their August townhouse during this time. They truly enjoyed this unique experience in their new local neighborhood, being part of the local community and culture. St Bartholomew celebrates his saints’ day on August 24th each year and it is around that time when the Fiesta of San Bartholomew comes to its climax in Soller.

Expect to see the city of Sóller full of dancers and drummers, roaring dragons and demons that breathe fire, fireworks and firecrackers - the traditional Spanish celebration.

This local annual celebration in Sóller - perfectly timed with children returning to school and you will see all the locals happily back together cherishing their old friendships and reliving their memories - visitors and tourists are more than welcome to join the festivities as well.

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