Barcelona, more than just a European city


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May 13, 2024

Where else can you surf in the morning, do a master tour of Gaudí’s surreal buildings (the Sagrada Familia and the Parc Güell, to name a couple), and eat the best tapas of your life after hiking in the mountains of and getting lost wandering the majestic streets of the Barrio Góthic?

Welcome to Barcelona

As you know, we've been on the search for the perfect Family Collection home across Europe, and we're now in beautiful Barcelona! Barcelona is so full of incredible architectural buildings, Gothic alleyways, and Mediterranean beaches.These are some of the reasons we have selected this location for the Family Collection.

This destination is excellent for those who want to revel in history, architecture and the arts, this destination is excellent for those want to revel in history, architecture and the arts,  want to fill their days with loads of activities and venture out in the nearby mountains of Montserrat where you can hike and walk in the Spanish terrain If your holidays are all about the sun and beaches, Barcelona sits on 4km of sandy beaches, perfect for the water skiers, sunbathers and swimmers! This city truly embodies the August Way and accommodates all...

At August we're very committed to delivering the best homes in the most sought after destinations and we make sure to deliver when it comes to the perfect holiday homes; the criteria we look for in the types of properties is that they are full of authenticity, character and of course, conveniently located in the right areas of the cities and towns.

The typical Barcelona apartment

A typical Barcelona apartment building was built at the end of the 19th century in the art nouveau architectural style for which Barcelona is known. One of our favourite districts is the elegant district of L'Eixample, as it showcased Modernista architecture, including Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Família. Slightly tucked away from the busier areas around La Rambla, and the district of L'Eixample has a celebrated dining scene, along with high-end boutiques.

Around this area we find apartments in buildings that boast a range of traditional features such as mosaic flooring, beams, traditional doors; all that we will preserve and restore, giving the home the August touch. The potential Family Collection location home may be located within the sought after areas of L'Eixample Dret, Eixample Esquerra Las Corts and Dreta de l'Eixample.

The Family Collection Barcelona home offers plenty of space for up to 4-6 guests, providing space for your family and friends. The apartment will have a minimum of two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  In Barcelona you'll find most of the apartment buildings are six stories high, as high risers are not common however, the style of these buildings often come with a lot of history and character so its very typical to have one or two balconies facing the street, with French wooden windows, and to block direct sunlight in the summer they usually have louvred shutters too.

Throughout the apartment, you may come across the infamous mosaic floor tiles, these have such a charming effect on the property with the art nouveau patterns, usually detailed and colourful; which showcases the local craftsmanship and the history of architecture and design in Barcelona. The August Real Estate team always has preservation, renovations and restoration in mind when they view the properties. Many of Barcelona's apartment buildings have a certain look, some may feature Gothic architecture, and some may be a Romanesque build!

We are thoughtful when it comes to where the interiors for the home are sourced as we're committed to working and connecting with local, sustainable suppliers that provide the utmost comfort, all while combining with the textures, styles and colours of the regional influences that all make you feel at home.

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