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May 14, 2024

As an esteemed and bustling part of August’s Pied à Terre Collection, the city of Rome offers an enriching cultural escape. Our recent conversation with Antonio, Acquisition Manager for Italy, shed light on how he would spend his time when residing in an apartment in Rome. Staying true to the essence of Pied à Terre, we present an engaging itinerary, crafted to infuse vibrancy into your Wednesday to Saturday sojourn in the chosen apartment.



Arrive at your apartment and soak in the sense of being immersed in the heart of Rome. Relax amidst the comfortable furnishing and allow yourself the opportunity to unpack to establish a sense of home. To fully cherish the moment of your arrival, take advantage of the Nespresso machine to brew an Italian espresso, to enjoy as you settle into your home.

Start the holiday as you mean to go on by indulging in traditional Roman cuisine. Il Marchese Osteria, a culinary haven inspired by the film Il Marchese del Grillo, embodies tradition, simplicity and authenticity in every aspect of the dining experience. In a captivating contrast, their Amaro Bar exudes an air of sophistication to offer a refined and elevated experience.


To paint the backdrop for the upcoming days in this enchanting city, embark on a leisurely stroll to Orto Botanico, Rome’s botanical gardens. As the evening arrives, meander towards Gianicolo Passaggio for a serene promenade. Here, ascend the hill to be greeted by an exquisite panoramic vista of the city below. 

No Italian sojourn is truly complete without embracing the tradition of an aperitivo, a cherished ritual deeply rooted in the country’s culture. For your inaugural evening, Latta Fermenti e Miscele stands as the perfect choice, nestled in proximity to Trastevere rione - an area held in high regard by August’s property experts, recongised as a desirable locale. Yet, ensure to save room for a delectable dessert, as indulging in Italian Gelato is a must. The heart of Trastevere houses Fatamorgana Gelato, which promises to satisfy any sweet craving. 



For a day of cultural exploration, we recommend reserving these plans for the mid-week, when unadulterated culture can be experienced in its purest form. We bring you a detailed itinerary with an array of insider knowledge and hidden treasures to fill your day.

Start the morning with a detour from the conventional museums and galleries. Venture into the oldest pharmacy in both Rome and all of Europe - a remarkable establishment dating back to the 16th Century. This off-the-beaten-path treasure is a must-see for a unique experience. Feel elusive and book ahead to fully relish this insider’s recommendation. 

Staying on the theme of antiquity, Antica Liberia Cascianelli is a unique destination for those who cherish vintage literature. Lose yourself in this old book shop brimming with rare books.  An entire wall of elegantly bound books conceals a secret door that leads to a labyrinth of back rooms, undoubtedly a space once used for clandestine gatherings.

Nextdoor to the bookshop lies Piazza Navona, which conceals the underground wonders of Stadio di Domiziano - a UNESCO World Heritage Site unveiled to the public in 2014. The grounds are home to the only masonry athletics stadium recorded in Roman history. 

Continuing on the journey of unique experiences, we recommend you secure a book and embark on a leisurely stroll towards Merlini Sorti, nestled in the city centre, to witness a talented team of experts dedicating themselves to the restoration of historical works of art. 


Following the array of cultural wonders that Rome has to offer, it is time to enjoy a well-deserved lunch. The pasta at Hostaria da Corrado in the Trastevere district epitomises authenticity and will certainly satiate any cravings. This unhurried dining experience encapsulates the essence of a family kitchen, where locals and visitors alike convene to enjoy a prolonged afternoon of culinary delight. 

Fusing the ritual of aperitivo with the enlightening experiences of the preceding hours, we recommend Rimessa Roscioli to partake in their “Dine. Taste. Learn.” ethos. Offering both wine and olive oil tasting, as well as cooking classes, this cosy spot embraces the rich heritage of Italian gastronomy. We encourage you to book the Wine & Food Tasting Dinner to explore six exquisite wines paired expertly with an array of ten small plates and a traditional pasta dish. To finish, enjoy a homemade dessert, to ensure your appetite is more than sated by the end. 



Commence your morning with an espresso from Bar San Calisto in Trastevere and when you’re ready to explore more of the city, Via di Monserrato will be waiting. This street of artisanal dreams has become home to the most luxurious design-focused boutiques sharing the same philosophy, relax first, then shop. Take your time browsing each window and take in each extravagant display of flowers, textiles and artwork. Feel inspired, akin to the sentiments evoked within the August Design Team as they venture to each new location. 


Fridays are for celebrating, and if you find yourself without a specific reason, why not revel in the mere fact that it is Friday? Start the evening at Terrazza Borromini, a locale that elevates the aperitivo experience to new heights of luxury. Allow the expansive views from the terrace to enhance your senses as you share a food platter and an excellent bottle of wine.

Acting as the main event of the evening, the rooftop restaurant, La Terrazza, at Hotel Eden is for the most discerning palates. This Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant boasts spectacular views of Rome, infusing your dining experience with an added layer of unforgettable moments. As you navigate the exquisite menu, watch as the sun disappears behind distant rooftops and church spires creating an elegant ambiance. La Terrazza uses seasonal ingredients to inspire flair and creativity, serving as a poignant reminder of Italy’s revered culinary heritage.



Make the most of your final morning by setting your alarm a touch earlier to catch the sunrise. Head to Villa Borghese, nestled just off Piazza del Popolo for the most breathtaking views Rome has to offer. Finish your stay at BOCCIONE l’antico forno, August’s bakery of choice to welcome the weekend. With so much to choose from, Antonio highly recommends the visciole and ricotta cake - a pastry he holds among the finest he has ever had. Should you find yourself in need of a coffee, La Tazza d’oro roma in the city centre satisfies caffeine cravings within elegant Roman interiors. If the coffee meets your standards, why not take a part of your city escape with you in the form of a brightly coloured tin of aromatic coffee beans?

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