The August Aesthetic: Art, Paintings & Prints


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May 14, 2024

It is the finishing touches that make the biggest impact on any home, and with August, it’s safe to say these thoughtful details make the homes that our homeowners love. We often receive questions on where and how we acquire these touches, be it an antique table or glassware, or a piece of artwork; these pieces tie together a home and transform it from bricks and mortar to something that feels like it belongs; an integral part of the community and home for many years.

We sat down with key members of our interiors team to understand the process that goes into sourcing, selecting and styling a home, ready to be loved by families time and time again. 

The first consideration is being complementary to the home and its heritage within the region; be the color tones or subject matter, it’s important that they capture the heart and soul of the home itself and the culture in which it resides. To do this, the team aims to keep as much of the original house as possible, retaining these details and using them as inspiration. 

Once they have a true understanding of the area and buildings history, what they want to maintain etc. the team begin their curation. Considering the various media types, from print, painting, photography, sketches and even architectural plans, the team look at the blueprints of the home after renovation to work out which colours, styles and ideas compliment the home and the aesthetic.

From here the shopping and curation begins; whether it be commissioning larger pieces from local artists to retain that local authenticity, to regularly visiting the flea markets to find gold, the local community and what is available always plays a huge part in the interior decision making process. Knowing what our community loves about the homes, or the particular pieces that are asked about the most via social media, this feeds into their purchasing to choose items they know our homeowners love.

This leads to months of looking at local markets or stores for the perfect antique drinks trolly or wardrobe, to scouring artists on instagram for inspiration or to commission a piece, the team knows how much of a difference this can make to a home.

In our La Rouret Signature Collection home, for example, the design team were able to find two specific paintings done by a local artist at a market and sourced the beautiful original architectural plans of the house. It is for this reason that we include local markets, shops and places to visit in our go-to guides so that our homeowners can bring a piece of their August homes back to their primary home or residence. 

Our favourite antiques in the Le Rouret Signature Home have to be the wardrobe in the ground floor suite, the bar in the living room or the desk by the split level bedroom. 

Closer to home, Kew Garden in London continually rotates its store's merchandise and has provided artwork of beautiful fruit, veg and botanical flowers that now live in several of our August Collections. Of course, it’s not possible to always have one-of-a-kind pieces, so the team shop via Etsy and Poster Studio to tie together our homes and the collections as a whole.

We know our homeowners appreciate the time and effort that go into our homes, and the artwork is no different. Keeping an eye out at all times is what develops our homes to be an August home, not just a house.