The better holiday homes option - Owning vs Renting


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May 13, 2024

Owning homes across 5 incredible European locations can soon be a reality with August as it's a better alternative to renting holiday...

Why is it better to own not one but five holiday homes at a fraction of the cost of one home that's free from the irritations of running and maintaining a property? And why should you own with August rather than spend money on renting every holiday? We get asked these questions a lot.

Owning vs Renting

The cost of renting holiday homes big enough for your family and friends in luxury European destinations can start to add up over time. Mountain view ski chalets, Summer villas kitted out with your own private pool or classic countryside cottages depending on the season that's big enough for 6-10 people, for 4 weeks can set you back anywhere between 12,000 - 24,000€ let alone cleaning fees and holding deposits you have to pay for accidentals or the unknowns with the level of finishes and cleanliness of the property. Not to mention the time and effort that you spend searching for the perfect home and destination.

With August, you are the co-owner of five properties across Europe which you have the right to sell the share in the future. You get access to an average of 12 weeks across your co-owned five holiday homes for a fixed monthly fee of 750€ a month, so 9,000€ a year. Saving you an average of 40-60% of your annual holiday rental cost every year. This means even if you only used your homes for just 2 weeks a year, you're already saving compared to renting. Winner!

Owning with August means these are your homes so there's no hassle of renting nor do you ever have to worry about cleanliness, quality, or location. It's the luxury of going to your own getaway villa, a familiar feeling you have time and time again when you open that door,  without all the hassles that come with owning, a hotel-like experience where your beds are ready and fresh towels are folded.

Invest now, enjoy for years to come

Owning with August means significantly lower costs than buying a comparable property. By participating 365,000€ you become a part-owner of 5 properties worth over 6,000,000€! With all our August homes purchased outright and all the paperwork completed by August, there is no mortgage or administration involved and reduces the risk of purchasing property overseas. With August’s heritage property development and design expertise, we create value for our families which is why we only purchase properties to renovate and increase their value. This makes August a better option for all co-owners involved, allowing you to enjoy your luxury refurbished holiday homes for many years to come.

"The reason why I've invested in August is because of the stellar track record of the team and its truly unique concept"


Personalised touches you’re proud to call your own

Going on holiday needs to be as convenient, simple and easy as staying in a hotel but owning a home means having your own personalised touches that you would call your home, a home away from home. So with August, we take care of preparing the home to hotel-like standards with personalised touches. The beds are made ready for your arrival, fresh towels are folded, the garden will be perfectly maintained, and the pool will be clean ready for splash time. Your fee covers small renovations, so we can keep all houses in perfect condition. You'll therefore never find a damaged home or leaking bathroom.

Not convinced and have more questions? Please feel free to get in touch to find out more about why it's better to own with August: