A Winter Evening of Elegance: August Homes Hosts Exclusive Celebration Overlooking London's Iconic Skyline


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May 14, 2024

In the heart of the city, against the backdrop of the iconic London skyline, August recently hosted an exclusive event at the luxurious Four Seasons, Trinity Square. This gathering served as a testament to the spirit of the community that defines the August experience.

Celebrating the season

The event brought together homeowners, familiar faces and those considering joining the August community. It was an evening of connections, where owners from various collections mingled with those they share homes with and those from other collections.

Against the stunning panorama of the Thames, attendees had the opportunity to engage not only with their fellow homeowners but also with the dedicated team that ensures the seamless experience of August living throughout the year. The team were on hand to extend a genuine expression of gratitude to current homeowners, acknowledging their role in shaping the unique character of the August community.

Beyond the picturesque setting and elegant surroundings, the evening was infused with the essence of August hospitality. For those exploring the possibility of becoming a part of the August community, the event provided an intimate glimpse into the lifestyle and ethos that define August Homes.

CEO Melie Dunod and Homeowner Michelle

We would love to meet all of our prospective homeowners at events such as this but appreciate this isn't always possible. We do however invite you to our next virtual event. From the comfort of your own home, enjoy an immersive experience that brings the essence of August living right to you. As we continue to build our community, we look forward to connecting with homeowners, both seasoned and aspiring, in the spirit of shared experiences and the pursuit of refined living.