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July 11, 2024

Our latest Cotswolds property is currently under renovation to turn it into the perfect quintessential English countryside cottage. Grab an English breakfast tea, a scone or a biscuit and explore this soon-to-be complete home. Take a first look at the renovations that are underway and imagine the home you could be transported to with a guided tour from Design Lead Max Lozinski.

Depending on the season at which you arrive, you can expect an entirely different experience travelling to this gorgeous home. In spring expect fields full of violets and bluebells, summer evenings spent in the park or pub garden lapping up the summer sun, the changing of the seasons in the autumn providing an orange canopy lining the journey home, to winter where you can awe at the blanket of snow that makes coming home to a warm fire even better.

Throughout the day, light pours throughout this stunning home, taking you from bright sunny mornings with a coffee and a book to cosy afternoon teas and treats with the family as you play board games. Complimenting this bright home, the furniture and living room decor will have darker elements to retain a sense of cosiness and warmth regardless of the time of day or year. So whether the doors are wide open and the sun is shining, or you’re lighting a fire after a long winter walk, the house will be ready to take you in, whatever, you need from it.

Pairing classic silhouettes in the decor, such as lighting or decorative items with more unusual antiques or trinkets, will bring a sense of character and interest to the home. Whether it's a quirky candle holder, a gorgeous vase or a unique ornament, we know our Homeowners will enjoy exploring as they relax, discovering each of the bits and pieces that carefully make it feel like home.

A brand new kitchen will be fitted in the home, using India yellow to elevate the room and add a touch of inspiration to our homeowners as they cook. Our Homeowners will feel a sense of potential in their culinary delights and hosting amongst their friends and family. Built-in and open shelving was considered to make cooking easier and seamless for each Homeowner as they visit being able to grab whatever they need to dish up dinner and relax. 

The home will feature classic British wallpaper throughout to compliment the English heritage of the Cotswolds whilst keeping an August twist. 

Idyllic in winter or summer, a reading nook will be created to bridge the gap between the living room and the garden. Depending on your book of choice, you’ll be able to transport to another time, realm or galaxy whilst gazing out into the garden. 

Wander upstairs and you’ll see that it has been redesigned to include a study, four bedrooms and entirely new bathrooms; each element is considered to maintain a calm and serene space as our homeowners ready themselves for sleep. Each bedroom will breathe its own personality and sense of style, so our homeowners can rush around to find their perfect match. 

Louise Roe took some time to enjoy the Cotswolds, embracing the cold winter air in the countryside - find out what she and her family got up to when visiting. Or if you’re already planning a trip, here is a few places to definitely check out or to book ahead of arriving. 

This home and up to 4 others around Europe could well be yours - you could even be planning your holiday later this year. Learn more about our Premium collections by speaking to an Advisor today, or explore more within the August Magazine about our families, the homes and the locations.


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