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May 14, 2024

The Signature Collection property in Valbonne was the first August home to open its doors to Homeowners. A year on, we reflect on the meaningful impact of this elegant home on our Homeowners and beyond.

The uniqueness of an August home lies in its consistent occupancy. Thanks to our carefully curated booking system, the houses are almost always occupied. This has two key advantages. Firstly, the house truly feels like a home, with cookbooks placed on the kitchen shelves for other Homeowners to enjoy and new additions like vases gracing the luxury decor. Secondly, our Homeowners take pride in contributing to the local economy. With 21 Homeowners spread across 52 weeks, this home has made a meaningful impact on the community.


In contrast, traditional ownership of a holiday home often leads to prolonged periods of vacancy, with doors opening only during peak seasons. This results in limited restaurant visits, the occasional sunbed booked in Cannes and the local bakery would have sold 1/21 of croissants. However, this luxury home has welcomed Homeowners for more than 70 percent of its first year, ensuring a consistent flow of visitors to benefit the local economy. Our Homeowners have experienced a heartwarming reception from local community heroes upon sharing the details of their residence!

Upon the acquisition of the Valbonne estate, the August team were approached by Jonathan, a budding horticulturalist nurturing aspirations of entrepreneurship. Both parties took a mutual risk. A year on, Jonathan manages a flourishing company with a cohort of gardeners who take care of August’s portfolio of  South of France homes - the risk paid off! 

Jonathan and his team have now connected with all the Valbonne Homeowners, described by some as a sense of familiarity that brings the essence of home to their holiday.

Certainly, appreciation is warranted for Jonathan and his dedicated team, who consistently uphold the high standards of this residence, along with numerous others. A year on, our Homeowners continue to share stories from their stay, accompanied by positive reviews of the property’s enduring quality.


“This is one of the homes we’ve visited most since joining August. Each time we arrive it feels like walking through the door for the first time. An instant wave of relaxation and gratitude for the hard work that has gone into keeping this house as impressive as when we first arrived.”

– David and Michele | Signature Collection Homeowners


So, what makes this property feel like home? As the first completed August property there was a necessary emphasis on the essence of “home”. August’s genesis is rooted in replacing the arduous upkeep of seldom-visited holiday homes, and to bring the luxury and comfort of our Homeowners’ personal homes into each stay. Guided by this ethos, the design team meticulously considered every detail. What would Homeowners deem indispensable in their own residences? As these essentials are equally indispensable in any August home. From the comforting throws adorning every sofa, to high-speed Wi-Fi, vases for fresh flowers, to plush bath towels, it’s easy to understand why these Homeowners liken their experiences in the South of France to the sanctuary of their own homes.