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Nicky and Cameron

Introducing another August family, Nicky & Cameron, savvy entrepreneurs who value a lifestyle of travel and exploration!

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We have so much flexibility in the way we can holiday now and joining a co-ownership has added to our lifestyle!

British entrepreneurs, Nicky & Cameron are based in Yorkshire, UK and are second home owners. They frequently travel to their holiday home in North Cyprus, a home that they have owned for many years. As experienced home owners they value the advantages of what a second home offers, allowing them to have a place that they can escape to, but they also understand what it takes to own and maintain a home abroad. With the view to fully retire in the upcoming years, winding down and starting their next chapter is something they are both looking forward to.

We caught up with our most recent August family, Nicky and Cameron, who joined the Signature Collection after discovering the many benefits of co-owning homes in five locations with August.

Welcome Nicky and Cam, please tell us about your journey to discovering August?

Twelve months ago we launched a business in France and at the time, we were looking for properties for our staff to potentially stay in Dijon. We came across August online and saw an advertisement that piqued our interest. We have a holiday home in North Cyprus, and had it for the past twenty years. Coming across August was it completely unintentional but as we looked more into it, it made sense for us.

During the lockdown, we started to think about possibly pulling out of our Cyprus home and looking for somewhere that is more convenient in Europe, however we could not decide on which single location would work for us and the idea of having to do everything again.

“Once we saw August, and the five locations we thought, wow, so many possibilities ” 

We love our house in Cyprus, however this means we are tied to one location in the summertime, and when it's cold in the winter we usually go on a cruise. The idea of having five locations provides us with the opportunity to go on holiday elsewhere, and expand the types of holidays we have; not just for summer holiday, but to discover different locations throughout the year. 

“We’re looking forward to having a great asset that is cost effective; in the summer if we wanted to go elsewhere other than our current home it would cost a few thousand every time to travel to that place during the peak season.” 

Being holiday homeowners, and having previously rented out properties in North Cyprus we already know what it's like to maintain them, do the homes up and get it ready to rent out! In our current holiday home in Cyprus, there’s a lot that is involved such as; keeping up with the maintenance, gardening, cleaning and many other things. So the concept of a maintenance-free holiday really appealed to us, the fact that we are paying for it but don’t have to facilitate or worry about it. 

How will you use your homes?

We have a big blended family, the children and family love to come out and join us when we’re away on holiday, collectively all of them use the home; and not always together. Both of us are not tied down to any school holidays anymore; so we’re hoping to use the points throughout the year, not only during peak season. 

We plan on going away with the kids and discovering what the collection locations have to offer, especially Chamonix. We once visited the area on our way down to the South of France and we thought it was such a beautiful place.

“One of the things we love about August homes, is we'll have the opportunity to bring the dogs with us without having to change the way we like to take our holidays and for us this would be a deal breaker for us if we can't, as they’re a huge part of our family.” 

The aesthetic of the homes from what we have seen looks really great, and the furnishing and designs are to our taste. We love the idea that when we get the opportunity to visit, we can expect that it is going to be the same such as the cleanliness, the furnishings and placement.

“It's really great that the homes are freshly renovated so we don't have to deal with it” 

Every property we’ve bought we have always had to do renovations on the properties; including our rental home in Cyprus. August have taken us on a journey, they have maintained communication with us throughout the home renewal process and we have enjoyed that even though we are not involved in it; it’s great to have seen the process, and the home transformation coming into fruition. We like the fact that we can see the changes, and see the whole process from acquiring to the homes being fully furnished and ready for us to stay in.  

What do you like to do on your holidays?

Discovering new places: The perfect holiday for us would be a villa/comfortably sized home that is located near a local village to easily wander down with the dogs, and have a lovely meal in the evening while watching the evening go by. 

In the daytime you’ll find us out and about, we like to walk a lot because of the dogs, so on holiday we like to venture out down the streets and along the beach. Together we don’t really do any heavy related activities such as cycling, but we much prefer being on foot and taking the surrounding location all by foot. 

As a family we are looking forward to having our grandchildren at the homes with us; as we know they’ll be in the pool and garden all day. We can provide three pools for our grandkids to play around in.

Are there any homes and locations you're most looking forward to?

A few years ago we went to Mallorca, as Cameron's family had an apartment in Sóller so we went there for a trip down memory lane. We hired a car and drove around the town; to Port Sóller and we absolutely loved it! We even said if we could buy anywhere it would be there! It’s very exciting that one of our August homes is in Sóller! 

We absolutely love the South of France, and are looking forward to owning a home there. The Cotswolds is only a couple hours away from us and we’ll most likely use the home for a long weekend, and we plan on using it often.

We love that all the home locations are not far, and very easy to get to via plane, car and train - it’ll be a lot easier for us to now just go on holiday and not have to plan the trip like we usually do for Cyprus. 

“Together, and with August we have so much flexibility in the way we holiday and when we holiday, we’re business owners and we can work from anywhere around the world which works seamlessly well.”

Join Nicky, Cameron and other August families to discover how you can co-own an August Collection today. If you’re interested in one of our collections and want to gain more information and early access to new collections, get in touch info@augustcollection.co.uk, or attend our next webinar.

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