Winter holidays in Europe

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July 11, 2024

The best thing about co-owning homes in Europe is that you can travel all year round and pick the best-suited destinations for each season. Whether it’s a wine tasting holiday in Tuscany in the autumn, or a summer yacht holiday in French Riviera, a ski holiday in Chamonix or a dreamy island holiday in Mallorca - August got you covered. All you need to do is to pick the holidays and enjoy them.

Thinking of winter holidays, the first thing that comes to our minds is quite often the dreamy Caribbean, or South America, perhaps South Africa, Maldives or the Philippines. But what about Europe? Where is the best place to travel in Europe over the winter months?

We shortlisted our favourite European activities during the winter season and we are sure you will love these ideas - keep reading to find out more.

As an August homeowner, you will have up to five holiday homes to choose from and where to have your base when travelling.

South of France

From December to February, the French Riviera quiets down when most tourists aren’t visiting the area. It might be a great time to visit this beautiful part of France. Most days are still really warm to have lunch outside and enjoy some sunshine. Nice and Cannes both have some excellent Christmas markets and activities to enjoy. In February, you can visit the Carnaval de Nice and experience the French culture at its finest - the area will be full of parades, masquerades and partying on Nice’s waterfront. You can also visit the Fête du Mimosa (Mimosa Festival), just outside of Cannes and enjoy celebrations dedicated to the cheerful yellow flower - enjoy flower floats, parades and music all day long.


Tuscany is not too far from the Italian alps, making it a great spot to be if you’re an avid skier! You can access the alps or smaller resorts - there are slopes for everyone whether you’re a beginner or an advanced skier. The thermal baths in Saturnia are a great way to spend a winter afternoon in Tuscany and enjoy the hot natural baths and fresh outdoor air. It goes without saying that great cuisine and wine are also a great way to explore Tuscany during the winter season!


The skier's paradise - Chamonix! No better way to hit those slopes than in Mont Blanc! Considered by many as the best freeride resort in the world, Chamonix has 5 resorts and offers the perfect ski day. There are slopes to all ski levels and the views are simply unbeatable. Even if you’re not a skier, the views are so worth visiting!


300 days of sunshine in Mallorca makes it the perfect all-year destination. Mallorca has more than 70 local bodegas so there are plenty of local wines to explore, which makes a great day out during the winter season. The island is also full of history and museums so we highly recommend discovering some historical sites and secrets that this beautiful island carries. During the off-season, the prices can also drop in the local market so it’s a great time to do some bargain-hunting and find some local treasures.

The Cotswolds

The iconic Cotswolds is so picturesque even during the winter months. Just like in ‘The Holiday’ film, have a relaxed weekend curled up on the sofa - reading or watching films. Sometimes no plans is the best plan. The area also offers fantastic Christmas markets, plenty of historical sites to explore, excellent food and beautiful walks if you prefer to pop out and do stuff!


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