Why sharing holiday homes makes sense


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May 13, 2024

Provence, France No matter when, it's always a good time to plan for your next holiday. This is often when the dream of owning a holiday...

To have one’s own little slice of bliss; a place to get away from it all and unwind with loved ones is tempting that’s true. However, the tasks and duties, from local property taxes to legal fees, to mortgage administration charges, to managing utility bills maintenance and repairs, can end up making our cherished escapes a cause of stress rather than a cure.

Not to mention that the average British owner visits their holiday or second home just twice a year, according to new research from household insurer Schofields.

It is true that a holiday home once meant a house in the south of France, or a villa in Andalusia. One only had time to visit it a few weeks a year and the first days were spent phoning the pool man and buying new towels, but it was yours and yours alone.

These days however, we, as sophisticated travellers, are less content with just one property, but instead prefer a collection. We want more experiences. We want to build memories and we want the luxury of choice.

For most of us looking to enjoy different properties, without compromising on the quality of the villas and without the inevitable stresses of full possession, one solution seems to be sharing (co-ownership). The idea of sharing is not new, many groups of friends have already done so by pooling resources to buy a holiday home in one location, as financially it makes a lot more sense. The search, purchase, renovation, furnishing, maintenance, bills, taxes, repairs still have to be handled and coordinated by them of course

When joining an August collection, not only you become the co-owner of five luxury homes in some of the world’s most desirable locations, but we make sure to take care of everything for you. Any of these enjoyment-compromising stresses, we deal with them .

Your homes: Our team of expert property investors and style gurus are specialised in finding and curating unique homes. We carefully select enviable spots in dream locations, each kitted out to the highest standard, designed by architects or interior designers. Check the first two properties we have purchased in Chamonix and Provence in previous posts (here and here).

Our expertise: Everything is then handled for you, so that you never have to think about bills or maintenance ever again. We prepare your homes to hotel like standards, and ensure that everything is ready for you to enjoy your holiday and feel at home. Most importantly, we are passionate about what we do and have been exploring our regions countless times. Our team knows all the best recommendations, and infinite resourcefulness to create experiences just for you, to be enjoyed with the ones they love most. We cannot wait to share!

All you need to remember is that this is how owning and holidaying sounds like with August:

Book your holiday. The choice is tough. You’ll have to decide in which of your 5 villas you want to holiday in : do you feel more like an Italian retreat in the middle of tuscan rolling hills or prefer an island gate-away in beautiful Mallorca with hidden secret beaches at your fingertips ? You could also choose to enjoy your own chalet in the French Alps, your cosy cottage in the Cotswolds or your charming villa in the South of France…

Then, invite your friends and families at no extra cost and Forget about over crowded holiday homes, your 5 villas all have 4 or plus bedrooms

Receive our bespoke area guide so that you have all the tips and recommendations you need to make your holiday memorable

Arrive in your hotel like ready home, with freshly made beds, folded towels, clean pool and fully stocked fridge

Feel like treating yourself to a cook during your stay and taste local delicacies at its best ? just let your concierge know and he will take care of everything for you

Psst … It is also a cheaper way to holiday in this type of property. On average, the properties we have purchased are rented for 5,000€ per week in peak season. As an August owner, you only pay an annual management fee of 7,000 Euros, and that covers the cost of running and improving the properties.

Interested in finding out more about the August Collection homes and locations? Speak to us to find out more.