Visit the French Riviera through the lens of an August family

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July 11, 2024

It comes as no surprise that the French Riviera is part of many August collections, thanks to the luxurious yet relaxed way of life that the area embraces. The Cote d’Azur is not just a location, it’s a lifestyle. With so much to do and enjoy, we’re confident you’ll find your personal favourites each time you visit your August home. All of our City and Pied à Terre apartments are conveniently located to give you access to the best amenities in the area only a short walk away.

When you join the August Community we ensure your home is not only perfectly located to enjoy the local area as the locals do, but also thoroughly research to understand where the best places are to pick up your morning coffee, who has the best breakfast and where to spend the long summer evenings grabbing a bite. Naturally, everyone finds their own hidden gems wherever they go, but as a Community we love to share these as they evolve over time.

When spending their first two weeks in Cannes recently Suzanne and her family, co-owners of the City Collection used out Our ‘August recommends’ guide as a useful tool on their trip and we also got some great recommendations from them!

Many families from around the world are currently enjoying their new lifestyle with their holiday homes. Thinking of owning multiple homes in Europe is out of reach? Not any more. Discover our current collections, and you too could be recommending your favourite new local restaurant to your August Community.

"We hope you love your time in Cannes as much as we did!"

Suzanne and her family, Signature Collection co-owners


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