Tuscany welcomes you home


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May 13, 2024

Tuscany is the perfect place for art enthusiasts and lovers of history alike, and the surrounding landscapes offer something to entertain...

The wide region offers so much to explore, and each town and village is vastly different to the next. You’ll get lost in a world of cultural history, literature and heritage that will keep you coming back for more.

The listed above is one of the many reasons why we included Tuscany in the August collections, read more down below to discover this beautiful region of Italy and the types of homes we look for.

Tuscany is one of the five destinations you can call home in an August collection

We are committed to collaborating with and connecting with local suppliers in order to provide the highest level of comfort, combined with regional influences that make you feel at home.

At August, we want to make sure we do everything right for you, delivering the perfect homes in the most sought after locations, here we are in Tuscany. In this region we look for authentic properties that ooze the Tuscan character, most importantly we will transform the original property into an August home that offers a slice of privacy that is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. We're committed to collaborating with and connecting with regional suppliers in order to provide the highest level of comfort, combined with localisation that makes you feel like a true Tuscan.

We look for typical Tuscan farmhouses, situated within the hills where you'll find traditional wooden beamed ceilings, terracotta tiled floors, arched windows, and views from all windows that look onto the rolling hills. Discover the Tuscan style you can expect to see in your August home.

The kitchen

The interior of the kitchen will feature authentic Tuscan marble countertops, responsibly sourced from the regions marble quarry. As you know food is central to the Tuscan lifestyle, so we'll be sure to get the kitchen just right for you and your family to get familiar with the Italian cuisine.

The living room

The living room serves a range of elements: coming together as a family, entertaining friends, relaxing and enjoying oneself all in a beautiful environment. The interior of the living room will be the place you seek shade from the Tuscan sun or a place to cosy up together by the fire in the winter.

A bathroom

The typical Tuscany bathroom may include traditional terracotta tiles, marble tops, and exposed stone with shelves carved in the wall. You'll find natural colours and wood finishes throughout the room, complemented by the tall windows that introduce natural light.

The pool terrace

Expect to walk down a terracotta path that leads to a large swimming pool set in a secluded garden.

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