The Cotswolds, at its best, pure Britishness

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July 11, 2024

Fancy a slice of Englishness?

Here at August, we take pride in finding the perfect homes located in characterful destinations to suit your families. The Cotswolds is just the slice of English heaven you're looking for...rolling countryside, beautiful scenery, and afternoon tea! A large part of the Cotswolds is still populated today; the region owes its wealth and periodic architecture to the wool trade in Medieval Europe, which sourced the best wool available. The rolling hills of the region were and still are ideal for sheep grazing, and the area became famous for the Cotswold Lion- a distinct breed of sheep that can be seen dotted around the fields. In the nineteenth century, William Morris encapsulated the timeless beauty of rural England, since then the views have stood still.  

No matter the location & season, England won't stop you!

As you know we ensure the location of the homes provide you with all the activities and sports you can do under the sun!  The Cotswolds is a mecca for country sporting enthusiasts; the natural topography of the Cotswolds has always lent itself to an abundance of activities to do, from high-bird shooting to hikes that crisscross the region, road cycling through the quaint villages and golfing on the fresh English greens. The weather in England ranges from sunny to rainy, and it is suitable for all activities throughout the year. We understand how important sports are to most of you, and we've made sure that even if you're not a sports fan, you won't miss out on the countryside.

Live and breath the Cotswolds like an Englishman

The main thing we look for is to be nearby a village, living and breathing the area just like a local, we made sure the homes we viewed were within a short distance. The classic Cotswolds villages are all about the community; they are environmentally conscious, and they like to shop and eat locally. The Cotswolds is famous for their farm-to-table cooking and incorporating seasonal ingredients is a must in all gastro pubs and restaurants. The accessibility of neighbouring villages is so convenient for you to start your day right... Picture picking up your breakfast bread from the local bakery and the village square is already bustling with vegetable grocers shouting "6 pears for a pound!", ethically responsible butchers weighing meat, farmers markets setting up stools and the milkman arriving at the traditional English tearooms. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and settled where the homes are; the Guides we create for the homes will include locations for you to visit within the area.  

Classic Cotswolds

The ideal home we purchase for you in the Cotswolds will be situated in a beautifully preserved village wrapped in warm, honey-coloured sandstone which are the ingredients of "classic Cotswolds." We concentrated on viewing in areas that are close to a well-known village, surrounded by untouched countryside.

The Exterior

The exterior of the home showcases the authentic Cotswolds stone from the. seventeenth century.The home will feature the infamous Dormer windows, which are one of the most important characteristics of traditional domestic buildings in the Cotswolds. These windows are examples of local craftsmanship which gives a particular handsome character...

The Interior

The interior of the home will have the August touch, we'll take a contemporary approach to country living. The kitchen is an inviting part of the home for many families, features include refurbished original wooden beams from the eighteenth century.

The Bedroom

The interior of the bedroom will be seductive and cosy, we ensure you'll be well-rested for the country days out. Classic earthy tones combined with clean tweed finishes.  The small details mean a lot to us at August, from a paint colour called "Cotswold stone" to organically plucked Duck feathered pillows waiting for you to flop into bed.

The Garden

The garden will be a great place to entertain, relax, or play Uno at the table. Whatever suits your family, the garden will provide privacy as a green sanctuary; the highlight of a garden in. the Cotswolds is that the colours of the season will be visible throughout the year.

The Mudroom

August makes sure the home is practical, The mudroom is the entrance to all things outdoors, Cotswolds stone floors will be laid throughout the house to accommodate the muddy wellies and paw prints. In the cupboards you'll find a place to lay your cycling shoes or wellies... and hang your Barbour jacket up!

With the search for your ideal English home narrowing, the most ideal home in the Cotswolds has been chosen for architects to reimagine. August's transformation process will be completed on the homes, adding value to the property and collections through renovation, interior design, and detailed furnishing to the highest standards.

The Cotswolds will be ready for you to visit and stay before you know it; if you want to learn more about the Cotswolds home, request the Signature Collection brochure.



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