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July 11, 2024

The August Way is more than just a lifetime of holidays. It’s an immersive and personal experience - from the unique interiors to the vistas of kaleidoscopic landscapes to the dedication and well-being of oneself.

With your family in mind, all of our homes are designed holistically for people all around the world. We consider how our co-owners and guests feel as they arrive, throughout their stay and the departure. The August Way is simple but important. It's our design principles and the essence of who we are; we want to ensure that you leave feeling nourished, accomplished and inspired from your home and holiday.

The importance of the home feeling like a sanctuary

The August design and development process involves a sense of welcome, warmth, regional styles and, of course, to stand the test of time. With dedicated real estate and design teams in local regions, our builders, designers and local artists are just one of the benefits that make August unique from any other second homeownership offering.

When looking for homes, the teams based in UK, France, Spain and Italy focus on the purpose and practicality of the homes, such as usage in the summer/hotter weathers and the winter/cooler weathers; and being able to combine this seamlessly for the co-owners to use all year round. In all August homes, you’ll find spaces that communicate with one another. Terraces, gardens or balconies can be found outside, while inside, the open plan living, separate kitchen with views, and tucked away bedrooms offer a cosy atmosphere that provides comfort regardless of the seasons.

"As we have access to greater opportunities, we're able to seek homes that need a lot of attention and care. Many of those homes would be overlooked due to the renovation needed. This gives us the flexibility to transform them into fantastic holiday homes, which we would not be able to afford in their final state. This is a big part of the August Way.”

Before and after of the August Valbonne home

Emphasising the importance of identifying properties with great potential that others may overlook is what Athénaïs Dunod, Head of Acquisitions and the team do day in, day out. The relevance of rooting the regional characteristics that will instantly make the co-owners recognise the difference of each home, as it resonates with the local climate, landscape, culture and vernacular is vital to The August Way.

With this in mind, we seek to deliver spaces that feel cohesive and perfect the balance of classic and contemporary references. In doing so, they strive to create familiar spaces that instil the excitement, exoticism and enjoyment of being in a different place to your day to day - a holiday home away from home.

The significance of attention to detail

When viewing properties and delivering renovation and design projects, Max Lozinski, Head of Design and Renovation, emphasises the scrutiny that a property undergoes. When considering the overall original characteristics of a property, such as the initial bones of the homes, old beams, or strong mid-century lines; a connection to the landscape, be it rural or urban, skimming over the details isn't an option for Max. Along with the spaces' untapped potential and how they might work for various families.

"It’s never losing sight of the end-user, considering every need - be it a salad spinner or a super shower- it’s all about the details, touch-points and the things that a co-owner might not notice that truly make a great stay."
August interior for Mallorca

Location, location, location

With dedicated acquisition teams in all August destinations, we are able to focus on bringing local expertise and combine it with the August co-owners expectations and needs. Being on the ground enables us to be at the forefront of our search to ensure the best location and potential properties can be unearthed. The surroundings are as crucial as the quality of the potential homes.

“When it comes to viewing properties, I especially look for homes with natural charm, surrounding serenity, while being private and exposed to beautiful views because after all, you are on holiday so it should feel special.”

Nicolas Kiefer, Lead French Acquisitions, highlights the importance of spotting the best locations for potential homes and confirming that the houses are set within a pleasant and safe neighbourhood. For Nicholas, the quality of the surrounding environment is just as important as the quality of the home itself.

Access to the best quality and highest comfort of interiors

Our partnership with Homewings, the UK and Europe’s leading turnkey interior design specialists allows us to provide and deliver furnishing that stands the test of time with a holistic consideration of The August Way. Homes are comfortably confident and you can be sure to keep an eye out for the special designer pieces that feature throughout the August homes.

"The practicality, comfort and quality of high-end furniture is important at August as we want to make sure our co-owners feel comfortable and can immediately settle in their home away from home easily."

An August home has all the charm, beauty and characteristics of the local area. The colour schemes are inspired by surrounding nature, furniture shapes and you'll find the patterns are a nod to the local architecture and artwork is reminiscent of the celebrated artists of the country or region.

"The design aesthetic of August homes really appealed to us, and we appreciate August renovates the homes ensuring the process is hassle-free. We also like the combination of traditional and contemporary design that is sympathetic to the home." - Hywel & Jesper, August Family

You can rest assure that the August real estate and design team has a specific eye for looking at potential August homes. Speak with the sales agents today to find out more about the August homes and collections.


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