Transforming a South of France Home: August Before and After


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May 13, 2024

Owning holiday homes should be as enjoyable as going on holidays, this is why August was created. A better way for families to own second...

One aspect of owning second homes is also the purchase and renovating journey that no one can really avoid, which might deter many from moving ahead from buying. Understandably, as over 80% of second-home buyers substantially increase their initial budget as a result of unknowns but planning the right budget with all costs, fees and taxes and everything that needs to be purchased is difficult.

How can you really benchmark work quotes and make reference to costs when you haven't done it before? Such as not knowing how much it cost to renovate a bathroom in Tuscany... You're not alone. In fact, this is the reason many families join an August Collection.

With an August Collection, families pay for your share value and nothing more, August will deliver your five homes renovated and ready for use. You can enjoy five newly renovated homes in five different locations, including this South of France home that has been newly re- imagined and designed, fit for entertaining up to 8 people. Located ideally just inland of the French Riviera, that is just 35 minutes from Nice airport and under 5 minutes from amenities at the prettiest village of Provence, Valbonne.

South of France home

Valbonne, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Sourcing the best homes with potential is what August does best. So before this charming August home that features all your kitchen necessities, bathroom needs, hotel grade bedrooms and of course ample entertaining areas including a swimming pool, surrounded by lush gardens became the August home that it is today, it, like all other August homes, the home went through a rigorous transformation with renovation and design.

Take a look at some before and afters below:


Located in the heart of the home, where a kitchen should be, this space was designed to be inviting with plenty of counter space for you and your family to gather and prepare for meals. Natural light floods through the windows with views of rolling hills as far as the eye can see. This kitchen is fitted with the latest appliances and features adorable traditional Provencal ceramics to remind you of your presence in the South of France.

Outdoor dining area

With plenty of entertainment space throughout this home, it's this particular space that had us head over heels. The full facade has been completely renovated to ensure that it was up to the August standards. A space we know you'll fall in love with.

Dining area

Showcasing the bright and airy area, this dining space features an 8 seater rustic dining table and designer chairs in a neutral pallet with a leafy olive tree that confidently connects the kitchen, living area and outside. Enjoy meals, games, work or even reading books.


There are 3 bathrooms that feature in this home all of which have all had facelifts, featuring new vanities, large cabinet, bathtub and large Italian showers that connects seamlessly throughout the home. Completely re- designed, all bathrooms are new with everything removed, replaced and designed to compliment the rest of the home.

To find out more about this South of France home and how you can start holidaying in the home as soon as you're ready to travel again, book a call to speak to us or send us an email