Kimberly and Scotts stay in their August homes

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July 11, 2024

Take a look at this Kimberly and Scotts stay in their Signature homes, in Chamonix and Valbonne. Reno-based, American family, Kimberly, Scott and their five children are frequent international travellers for work and quality time together. They value culture and experiencing new places and have always wanted to own a second home in France. Kimberly and Scott travel a lot for work and will embark on a big trip as a family at least once a year. Three of the five children are young adults currently in college in different American cities and the youngest two sons are in high school. Their August homes will allow the whole family to get together no matter where they are to spend quality time together. Part one of the trip, we started off in Chamonix and our friends joined us, we couldn’t wait to explore Chamonix with them, we discovered new places in the town an of course, we skied and ate well! We wanted to ski the la Flegere, and visited the office tourist town and they suggested skiing at La Tour… We were very proud of ourselves for navigating the regional transport, however, once we arrived at the Vallorcine telecabine there was no one there!! Someone looked at us and told us, “ you are brave”, well it didn’t occur to us that we were on a death mission! We took the gondola to the top and we met with no visibility, a total blizzard… Thankfully we found a guide that was taking a group down the mountain so we just followed them! But ended up in a different resort.. Still in France, at least lol! Not a ton of skiing happened but an adventure and a day we will never forget!

It was time to leave the beautiful mountains and make the journey to Valbonne, I find myself needing to pinch myself as I can’t believe this is my life! Going from one home to another, it’s just incredible! We drove through the tunnel, and continued through the Aoste Valley… through Puedmont and stopped in Alba for some lunch and samples the locally speciality of “ Tajarian” Pasta with truffles… It was just glorious! We were only there for an hour or so, but I lit candles in multiple churches, saw subterranean Roman ruins and of course had a delicious cappuccino! Take a look below for the incredible scenery we came across on the drive to Valbonne!

On the way to Valbonne, we knew it was going to be a grey day so we stopped by the Mass at nOtre Dame de Puy, Cathedral od Grasse and then a quick tour of Fragonard, The boutiques in town carry the most beautiful and authentic items! There was only one restaurant open in the town and it was superb! Then it just happened to be sunset when we passed through Monaco… Take a look at the sunset pictures below! 

Once we arrived to the home, greeted by the gates and the home on a hill, it’s such a beauty! The home is a perfect mix, especially right now with the chilly mornings and warm afternoons! We enjoyed being inside as much as being outside and relaxing with nature…

For our day out, we visited Èze, this beautiful town could not have been more captivating! The scenery is just picturesque and it’s mesmerising to see this in person!

Happy hour in Nice… 

We would totally recommend Cafe Josephine, which is also in the Chamonix Recommend guides, it felt a bit like Paris in the Alpes. The Service and variety of cocktails on offer were excellent.

Chamonix without snow and just sun is just beautiful, but we were lucky enough to see Chamonix with a blanket of snow…  We will definitely be back soon to stay a couple more times this year!.


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