Spanish Style: Fall for a Premium Villa in Fornalutx


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May 14, 2024

Who wouldn’t want to live in picture-pretty Fornalutx? It’s authentic Mallorca in an idyllic village. So we found one of its oldest stone houses and restored it to its glory. Welcome to the simply stunning Casa Can Chandre

We believe the finest properties to live in are those that respect their heritage and architectural merit while offering high standards in contemporary luxury. Our in-house team controls every aspect of the development, from concept to completion, working alongside a dedicated team of local craftsmen, artisans, architects, artists and brands who all share one common goal – to craft beautiful, bespoke homes that you will be proud to call your own.

Join us step by step through the style story of Villa Can Chandre and take a virtual walkthrough at the end…

This home is a rare find. As there are so few homes in Fornalutx – a medieval village with around 700 residents – everything is sold via word of mouth. This is where our expertise and local knowledge is central – we find homes that are unique and not easily available to the public. We were so fortunate to find this one.

We welcome you to Villa Can Chandre with a little oasis of green. The home stands in the heart of the village, just by the church, and as it was just rocks at the house front we added all these plants, which work beautifully with the marés stone of the house. It gives a little more privacy from the street onto our terrace and, simultaneously, you have visibility so you feel wrapped up in green not swamped by it. Our neighbours like the display so much they have asked for our gardener to go to their place.

Renovations: respect heritage and architectural merit 

Although this home was filled with original features and charm, it had not been updated for decades. As is often found in old Mallorcan homes, it had many small and quirky rooms, far too few bathrooms and no modern systems such as AC or heating. Our renovation's focus was therefore to respect the home’s heritage and architectural merit while offering high standards in contemporary luxury. 

Inspiration: aligning with Spanish style

We stayed true to the rustic architecture where it worked and, to complement the marés stone and hard lines of the architecture, we focused on softening effects throughout, such as bouclé chairs and natural materials, including raffia and ceramics.

Curves come in all forms - from main features, such as the impressive arch we built, to the round bathtubs and curvy headboards. Even the candlesticks in the entrance are curvy - a joyful find from a local antique store.

We’ve added art in many corners, commissioning local artists.

Letting light Into the living room

Pre-renovation, this was an entrance crammed with the previous owner’s furniture. We couldn’t tell quite how big it was, so we put our renovation team to work at once - there’s 400 square feet of property in total, after all. 

We opened up the wall and added the arch, which gives air and space to this now majestic living room. At the back, you’ll find a more formal sitting space where we built a Mallorcan-style built-in bench to create more of a private space within the room. Our choice of lamps adds personality and the natural materials align with Spanish style. The oak dining table has a vintage back story and today it’s the ideal  place to host friends and family to share your own stories – over supper, breakfast and plenty of parties.

Modern upgrade meets true originals

While upgrading the kitchen to an excellent new level, we stay true to the home’s authenticity and keep the details which make all the difference – just like these beautiful, original, blue and white tiles and old fireplaces. 

The perfect layout for your holiday home

When redesigning our homes, we think about every detail that will make it the perfect space for your holidays. For our Premium homes, we always ensure they offer both a formal sitting room as well as a more cosy living room – perfect for movie nights or colder winter evenings. In this villa, upstairs we have created a secondary living area in a room that features an old fireplace so that our families have a second cosy space. It also leads to a roof terrace that we repurposed as a secondary outdoor dining room with a barbecue. 

Design details, such as this bouclé chair, are on-trend and add modern touches to a property with rustic architectural bones. We want to keep the fresh, modern, relaxed vibe to the house.

Bryony and Ben, one of the first co-owners to stay here, say: “The house is beautifully decorated and all the furniture is so comfortable. We’d love to take this chair home!”

Curves are found in many corners

Here is one of the cosiest rooms with a little private dressing room. A former study, it is now the second of five bedrooms in the house. This room is at the very top of the house, under the roof, so it has an under-the-rafters vibe. We worked with our favourite designers to create these bespoke headboards and the curves add a cozy feel.

Bathrooms big enough to dance in

This beautiful new bathroom is big enough to dance in. We created these from scratch, so there are four bathrooms in total in this house plus a vanity and WC. We have kept the original floor where possible (throughout the home). This bathtub? It’s not an understatement to say it was a nightmare to bring up - it took eight people! But look at how ‘wow’ it looks.

Plunge into cool blue and mountain views

And breathe... A laidback space by the pool

A few steps up from the kitchen is this haven in a sun-soaked space, with a plunge pool. Before our expert renovation team went to work, there was just a table here. We built this lovely lounge seating area, prioritising a lounge space as it’s so close to the kitchen. The shade and decor details here align with our splashes of Med blue and green colour theme.

Life's so bright here we like to wear shades

A palette of natural, earthy materials aligns with the Mallorcan heritage within the in-out flow of the house. Outside we added a shaded area and we echo the Med sky and sea in shades of blues and greens.

Join a fellow Homeowner on a walkthrough of the home

“A big bravo for the Fornalutx town house. I JUST LOVE IT! Spending a few days here with two best friends, and having a great time. Both of them are (like me) blown away by this property. A big thank you”

- Hilde, Homeowner, Premium Collection