Halloween Edition: Spooky Cotswolds Village - Haunted Tales


Published On

May 13, 2024

The Cotswolds is perhaps one of the best locations to spend your Halloween in! From pumpkin carving to haunted houses - you will be spoiled with spooky stories and pumpkin-spiced latte in this picturesque English Countryside village.

Our homeowner Kimberly, from the Signature Collection, travelled to the Cotswolds last week and the Halloween atmosphere was already creeping up. The colours of autumn are blooming, the weather is getting cooler and foggy which creates a cosy environment to spend a weekend in the idyllic August cottage. They enjoyed dinners in the local pubs The White Hart and The Lamb Inn, while enjoying live music as the pub owner's son played Oasis songs.

We take great pride in our Signature Collection Cotswolds countryside  home - it is simply the perfect slice of English heaven, exactly like in ‘The Holiday’ film. Regardless of it being situated in the most haunted town in The Cotswolds, you will feel home the minute you step in the house. The endless rolling countryside and hills - whether it’s Halloween or not, you will never get tired of the local stories, the area is full of mystery and periodic architecture. Another homeowner family recently visited The Cotswolds, read their story here. You can also take a look inside this August home, as another homeowner takes you through this beautiful house.

If you see yourself spending cosy Autumn evenings in a traditional English countryside home, there are shares available in our Signature and Premium Collections. Join our next webinar or speak to an Advisor to get all your questions answered.