Feeling Like Home: The Joy of Return


Published On

May 14, 2024

City collection Homeowners Tara and Pradeep spent the last year exploring their new homes and reached out to share their experience.

Having not owned a second home before, the pair were concerned that they might get bored or not like traveling to the same destinations, but with our collections, how could they! With 5 regions to explore, each with their own sense of identity and community, the pair feel like locals with every visit - thanks to our homeowner community, they now have a growing list of restaurants and shops to check out and really get a sense of their neighbourhoods. 

In the past year, they have experienced their houses singularly and together, often with different intentions of their trips but all with the August peace of mind. Pradeep attended a business conference in Cannes, sharing how much nicer it was coming home to their apartment rather than a hotel - taking in the late autumn sunset from their terrace, and having that sense of home really made a difference. 

Mallorca, infamous for its many hiking trails and cycling routes, was a great opportunity for the pair to explore. So when they visited this past winter, they went on a long hike to really get to know Mallorca. When coming back to their townhouse, the pair warmed up by getting cosy next to the fireplace. 

The pair also shared their first experience of the newly launched Barcelona home - having had such a great time there, they are planning on going back with family and friends in the next couple of days. Indulging in the warm Spanish sun, Tara and Pradeep are looking forward to sharing their new home. 

August hope they have a wonderful trip to Barcelona for them and their family. With trips booked in Chamonix and Tuscany this year, they have plenty to look forward to and even more to explore!