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August Recommends: Summer in the South of France

Already booked a holiday in the South of France? Here is your ultimate guide to welcome the final weeks of summer heat.

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August Collection house for sale/properties for sale/buy house/ in France, Spain, Italy, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Tuscany, and London (Quotation Icon)

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From Market to Menu

Explore the restaurants that have transformed market produce into gastronomic sensations. In the height of the summer, these hand-picked selections offer shaded scenery, but be sure to book ahead to guarantee your spot.

Outdoor dining to savour the scent of summer jasmine
Hôtel Particulier des Jasmins, Le Bar-sur-Loup

The owners Bruce and Julien, both former pastry chefs, offer an ever-changing seasonal menu that blends traditional and culinary creativity. A favourite of August CEO, Mélie, we have picked this restaurant as, in the summer months, the scent of local jasmine wafts through its canopied terrace, which offers a break from the heat of the sun. An ode to the restaurant's namesake, dining outside is a must in this prime location at the top of the mediaeval village of Le Bar-sur-Loup. 

Break school rules as you dine in the playground during summer holidays
L'Ecole des Filles, Les Bar-sur-Loup

Dine in a former girls' school from the late 1920s, which was transformed into a culinary haven 20 years ago. The former playground now acts as a terrace, shaded by lime trees, making it an obvious recommendation to escape the heat. The select seasonal menu combines regional flavours with flair and experimentation and, although a short drive from your August home, we think it will be worth it!

Savour the Season

Why go out when you can eat from the comfort of your own stunning August villa? Here are our top picks of the season as we follow the golden rule - if you can’t find it in the market, it’s not the season for it.

Top Tip

When shopping for meat products in French markets, the ‘Viande de veau français’ logo identifies farming practices that are in line with environmental concerns and the wellbeing of the animal.

Summer Specialties
Weekly Market in the Village Square, Tourrettes-sur-Loup | Wednesday Mornings
Weekly Market at Place des Arcades, Valbonne | Tuesday & Friday

Raspberries or framboise are known as the ‘woodland strawberry’ in French. The brightly coloured pink fruit dominates summer markets in the South of France. Arguably the most flavoursome raspberries come from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes due to the wet but warm conditions in which raspberries thrive. Visiting the weekly market in Tourrettes-sur-Loup on a Wednesday morning is the most authentic way to purchase your raspberries. Afterwards, we recommend you bake the traditional Raspberry Clafoutis to enjoy for dessert on your terrace. 


All along the beautiful coastline of France you can find locals fishing for mackerel. The fish is at its most succulent in August, making it a strong feature on many summer menus. Cooking with this small but punchy fish is all part of the fun as you can grill or barbecue or enjoy it raw. Follow along with British chef Gordon Ramsay as he turns mackerel into ceviche with two different salads for the ultimate fresh summer lunch.

Mirabelle plums are grown in orchards in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and in Grand-Est.  Lorraine boasts the very best Mirabelles and we recommend you enjoy these small, yellow wonders as they are with some fresh yoghurt from the market. 

August After Hours

July is for juicy and in July the juiciest thing around is raspberries. Enjoy sipping on a coupé of Constantine’s Cosmo as you settle into your home by August, after hours.

Constantine's Cosmo
South of France

This tangy fruity cocktail is the perfect drink to enjoy by the pool as the sun goes down. Using raspberries sourced from the local markets in Valbonne or Tourrettes-sur-Loup, this homemade cocktail will be the best in the business when made in the summer months. Make extra of the raspberry-lychee purée to serve on fresh yoghurt for breakfast. 

Cocktail ingredients: ¾ oz. raspberry-lychee purée, 1¾ oz. vodka, ¾ oz. St. Germaine, ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice

To make the purée: Add 2 parts raspberries (fresh from the market), 1 part lychee (tinned from the supermarket), and 1 part sugar to a blender and pulse until smooth. Strain the liquid and add to your cocktail shaker. This can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. 

To make the cocktail: Add all the ingredients and shake vigorously. Double strain into your favourite glass in your August kitchen and garnish with a lemon curl or a mint sprig.

Everyday Entertainment

A Must-Read Book to Bring Your Holiday to Life

August’s book of choice for the summer in the South of France: A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. Follow the humorous yet challenging journey of English author, Peter, and his wife, as they secure their dream of moving abroad to Provence. This daily recollection explores how they adapted to rural life within the grounds of a 200- year-old farmhouse and nods to the gastronomic wonders of the local region. With the setting being so close to home, let his memoir inspire your stay in the South of France. 

August Attends

Artist of the Summer

In 2022 Giuseppe Carta took the local region by storm as he exhibited at the 7th Edition of the Mougins Open-Air Exhibition. Mougins has been home to several artists, with Pablo Picasso among the most famous - he spent the last 12 years of his life at his villa here. The small, picturesque village hosts numerous eye-catching statues including a large gorilla, by Davide Rivalta, and a bronze sitting statue to perch next to, by Carin Grudda. Giuseppe Carta, an Italian sculptor is recognised for his giant sculptures of fruit and vegetables. The brightly coloured sculptures added vibrancy to this quiet and elegant town and were the true embodiment of summer through art. Take a trip to Mougins to explore the new art of the summer and wander the tranquil streets which boast an artistic surprise around every corner.

August Collection house for sale/properties for sale/buy house/ in France, Spain, Italy, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Tuscany, and London (Quotation Icon)

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