August Recommends: Mallorca


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May 14, 2024

Step into the idyllic world of Mallorca with Cornelia, our Head of Benelux, as she shares her personal recommendations and insider insights. With a cherished holiday home on the Island, Cornelia's connection to Mallorca runs deep. Join us on a journey through her favourite spots, hidden gems, and family-friendly activities, as she unveils the island's most captivating finds. Whether it's the pristine beaches, charming villages, or the vibrant local culture, Cornelia's guide offers an authentic glimpse into the Mallorca she knows and loves.

Tell us about yourself 

I'm Cornelia and I'm currently heading up our Benelux sales team. I've also always been directly involved with our design team and particularly in the development of the August look & feel for our different locations.

Tell us about your history with this location

We have a holiday home in Puigpunyent in Mallorca, which we bought, renovated and designed 8 years ago. So we go to Mallorca multiple times a year and still love it.

Which are your favourite locations to stay in, and why? 

We always visit Soller and love renting a boat in Port de Soller to take a tour along the coast on a hot day and stop for paella with the most fantastic view of the famous Sa Foradada.

And where do you love to visit when you're in Mallorca? 

Near Colonia St Jordi we have some of our favourite beaches, like Playa de Es Carbó. You have to walk for 30 mins to get here so it's really quiet and private and it's a beautiful hike.

If you had to choose one restaurant to dine at, where would it be and why? 

Sorry - I can't choose just one! In Colonia St. Jordi the paella at the S'arrosseria is the best - Quirky place and nothing fancy, but it's surprisingly hard to find really amazing paella, and here they got it down. We also go to this place at the top of the mountain near Alaro which is called Es Verger and where they have the best meat (*note we are mostly vegetarian at home, but hey - we make an exception for this place!). Don't go here if you want anything sophisticated: It is rustic and rootsy (in a way that you shouldn't be surprised if the old lady that started the family-run restaurant is plucking birds on the table next to you), but it combines oh so well with a long walk in the mountains of Alaro where you can visit the castell d'Alaro, which is an old monastery.

And beyond this restaurant, what are some of your top picks for food & drink, and why? 

In the centre of Palma, you can't miss out on the Olivar market. Hang out like the locals and munch on jamon y queso while standing up with a glass of cava in your hand.

Is there an activity that you think everyone must do when in Mallorca? 

Of course, hiking is a must-do, but I also love going antiques shopping at flea markets or buy beautiful ceramics and yummy food at the local markets. The market at Consell is one of the biggest flea markets - go early if you want to score the best things. The weekly market at Sineu is one of the oldest and most traditional ones, where they even still have life stock.

Outside of the homes, where is your must-visit for a day trip in the region?

As I'm giving you predominantly scenic food tips it seems, of course, I can't leave out Sa Foradada either. It is possible to hike here from Deia, but much better is to rent a boat (or make friends with people that have a boat) and go and have lunch here while you are out for a day on the water. The paella is nothing special but the scenery more than makes up for it. Being out on the water and admiring the island from a different viewpoint and being able to go from one pretty spot to another breathtaking swimming hole is seriously one of the best day activities.

Who is your local hero, and why?  

My local hero would be my friend Cedric, who has painted quite a few of the paintings we have in our August homes. He's originally French but has lived on the island for many years. He's also a musician in the band "Monsters of Palma" (if you dare...)

What's your favourite thing about Mallorca?

I just love how versatile Mallorca is - I never get bored and even after 10 years there are still new things to explore!

When you're not in Mallorca, is there anything that instantly transports you back or evokes a memory from the region? 

We always bring home the local perfume from Aqua de Baleares. They have a nice shop amongst others in Valldemossa. My favourite one is called Sal.

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