August Aesthetic: Maison & Objet Paris


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May 14, 2024

Paris, known as one of the Chicest cities in the world, with a hotbed of culture in its very core, also hosts many cultural occasions and exhibitions each year - one of particular interest to August is that of Maison & Objet. Hosted twice a year in Paris, Maison & Objet offers great inspiration and insight into the trends, companies, and opportunities within the future of lifestyle and interior design. Whilst the August Aesthetic is precise to each of the homes in a collection, and the collection as a whole, exhibitions like Maison & Objet help August curate these properties from houses into homes. Continue reading for the August team's key trends.


Brands at Maison and Objet are listening to the growing demand and almost, expectation, of more sustainable products and clarity within the product cycle, including the supply chain. With more brands offering clear metrics and improvements in their business models, sustainable and long-lasting products will likely be the biggest trend for the future. 

Sustainability is a key pillar within the August Ethos, and something we continually factor into the design and development of the August homes, so seeing this much more readily available was inspiring. From fully recycled collections to repurposing old stock and giving it new life as something else, it's great to factor in where we can bring personality and life to August homes through sustainable pieces that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are inspiring. 

We’re creating homes with longevity in both style and quality for our Homeowners, and seeing more and more brands move towards sustainable actions and products will only help further us develop our homes. 

Outdoor Living

As the environment and weather change, many interior-focused brands are expanding their ranges into the outdoor domain. With the extension of the inside-out, you can expect to see more garden styling and pieces to show your style outside so that when the sun is blazing and the idea of being inside is incomprehensible, you can get a sense of taste and style outside. 

Think outdoor rugs, beautiful vases, and glassware as well as soft furnishings to make outside even more comfortable in those long drawn-out evenings around a fire with a glass, or two, of wine. 


One that may not be a surprise; Rattan is everywhere - from chairs, and tables to living room decor and outdoor furniture, classic retro styles are coming back as an appreciation for the styles and shapes of the past. Rattan is incredibly diverse and will likely suit many homes, so we look forward to seeing how it develops in the next few years.

Graphic rugs

Graphic pieces can divide people - perhaps it's a maximalist versus minimalist argument - however, we can expect to see many more graphic rugs bringing dynamism to many rooms in the year ahead. Whether it’s an understated two, or three-tone carpet to draw the room together or a bold multi-toned rug, we’re confident this style is going nowhere. 


Classic never goes out of style

A continual theme throughout the exhibition was an appreciation for classic styles of furniture made of quality materials such as ceramic lamps, plantation-style chairs, and wrought iron furniture. Simply put, Timeless pieces that are not heavily trend influenced and built for longevity are the future for many as we look to favour sustainability. Tying these timeless classic pieces with more trend-led or interesting artworks and colors on the wall is what will give that sense of self and dynamism to the room. 

With the last few shares remaining, you too could be wandering around Paris on the way home to your beautifully redesigned apartment. Speak to an advisor today to learn more about Pied a Terre and the August way.